Revolutionary Phone Case -1

Looking for a phone case to fit your active lifestyle? Look no further than the Yellow Jacket.

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The Yellow Jacket comes equipped with a back-up battery for your phone and powerful stun gun. Discreet personal protection in your hand when you need it most. Be ready for any situation life throws your way.  

Yellow Jacket is revolutionizing the non lethal self defense industry. By creating products that fit into people's lifestyle we are arming society to live safer, more empowered lives. The Stun Gun industry is unregulated and overrun with high voltage claims. In reality, the voltage of a stun gun has very little to do with the amount of pain a stun gun can induce.  What actually causes the pain is the microcoulomb output. The Department of Justice has clarified that 1 microcoulomb of will deliver intolerable pain to the average person. The higher the level of microcoulombs delivered to human flesh the more painful the electrical discharge is.

As a company we have our products tested by an independent laboratory to ensure the necessary power output is present in our products.  Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case will generate at least 6.0 – 7.0 microcoulombs.