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The Yellow Jacket is a phone case that conceals a powerful stun gun and is a backup battery for your phone. The most revolutionary, lifestyle conducive personal defense option on the market. Be prepared for every situation!

Easy to assemble!

The three pieces to be aware of while assembling your Yellow Jacket are the glass screen protector, the inner case protected case and the outer case that conceals the stun gun.

It only takes three quick steps to fire your Yellow Jacket.

1. Disarm the safety. Slide the safety switch up so the red dot is showing.

2. Slide the trigger up so the electrodes are exposed.

3. Press down on the trigger.

To activate the backup battery, double click the small black button to the left of the LED lights.

If your Yellow Jacket battery is getting low, it will stop charging your phone and retain enough power to fire the stun gun should you need to.

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We currently carry cases for the iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 7/8. We are prototyping the iPhone X, iPhone Plus and Samsung Galaxy.


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