How it works

 The Stun Gun

The Yellow Jacket requires three intentional steps to fire:

1. Disarm the Safety so the red dot is exposed 

2. Slide the Trigger up to expose the electrodes 

3. Press down on the Trigger to fire the stun gun. 

Firing the Yellow Jacket in a no-pressure environment is very simple to do. You will want to practice (insert blog) using your Yellow Jacket as you would with any self defense tool and create muscle memory so if you ever need to use it you will be prepared. Be careful not to dry-fire your Yellow Jacket too often or you will damage the electrodes. When you practice be sure to keep the safety ON. 

The Backup Battery

The backup battery is capable of fully re-charging your phone and retaining enough power to fire your stun gun. 

If your Yellow Jacket is low on battery it will stop charging your cell phone and save enough charge to fire the stun gun. 

Activate the backup battery or check the battery level of your Yellow Jacket: 

1. Double click the small black button on the back of your Yellow Jacket

2. The LED battery indicators will light up

3. To stop charging, double click the small black button again

Recharge your phone & Yellow Jacket at the same:

1. Plug your Yellow Jacket in

2. Double click the small black button on the back of the case

3. Your phone begin charging

4. After your phone is charged your Yellow Jacket will begin charging 

The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is a CONTACT defensive weapon. This means that the device must come in direct contact with the attacker for it to be effective. While it may obviously be deployed (fired) in what would be considered a “warning action,” by dry-firing it towards a menacing adversary, for it to actually inflict a painful and incapacitating electrical discharge (shock) on an attacker…it must come in direct contact with the attackers body.

There are specific advantages of this type of required contact deployment. The chances of “missing” the attacker are minimized as nothing must be aimed and fired at the attacker. The Stun Gun can be used on multiple attackers in quick succession. It does not need to be “reloaded,” between each deployment (shock). The device can be deployed against an adversary who attacks a victim from behind… attempting to grab them in a constricting manner of some kind. It is much easier and effective to deploy a contact Stun Gun in a crowded environment such as subways, large gatherings of people in extremely close proximity such as public gatherings or concerts, inside a vehicle or elevator, etc.

It is highly recommended that the owner or user of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case read the Owner’s Manual and watch the videos on the Official Yellow Jacket Website to properly familiarize themselves with the functionality of this device