FAQ - Yellow Jacket Phone Case Questions and Answers

What features does the Yellow Jacket Phone case offer that a typical smartphone case doesn’t?

Yellow Jacket provides the user with 3 main benefits: a high power stun gun for self defense, charging of the phone’s battery for up to 20 additional hours of standby time and a protection of the phone from everyday wear and tear.

Are you only creating a case for the Apple IPHONE?

We are excited to announce that we are developing Yellow Jacket models for not just the Apple iPhone, but the Samsung Smartphone platform as well. Watch for that release in the near future. We are sorry for the delay and know that many people are anxiously anticipating these models. We adapted our manufacturing process to develop the new iPhone models due to Apple’s strict regulations regarding accessories that connect with the iPhones Lightning adapter. The Android Smartphone platforms are in R&D at this time.

Where & how can I purchase a Yellow Jacket Case?

You can order Yellow Jacket products directly from our website. (Shop our collections by clicking here) You can also purchase our products from Authorized Yellow Jacket Dealers. (Learn how to become an Authorized Dealer by clicking here.) We are also available on Amazon Prime.

Is this safe for me to carry around? What if I have kids?

We have spent a considerable amount of resources, effort and time focusing on the safety of our product. We are happy to say that we have two main safety features: a Master Arm (On/Off) switch that must be engaged before the stun gun is activated and a second switch that is manually manipulated to cause the electrodes to protrude through the top of the phone case. This process effectively deactivates the safety features, allowing the Yellow Jacket to be fired or discharged. The same switch/tab that is slid forward to cause the electrodes to protrude through the top of the phone case, also acts as the “trigger” for the Yellow Jacket. After both of these features have been engaged, the activation button (trigger) must be depressed and held down to discharge the device. This equates to three different and specific actions that must happen in order for an accidental discharge to occur. Please remember, that the most effective form of safety is education! Parents, you can no longer let your kids play with your phone without first removing the stun gun portion of the Yellow Jacket Phone Case from your phone. You must educate everyone that lives and works with you that Yellow Jacket is a self-defense weapon. It is NOT a toy. Lastly and most importantly, we want customers to know that Yellow Jacket is a non-lethal, low amperage high-voltage defensive weapon that is temporary and not fatal.

Aren’t stun guns illegal?

Actually, stun guns, also known as Conducted Energy Devices (CED) or Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW), are legal throughout most of the world. Check your State and Local laws before carrying your Yellow Jacket. Stun guns are legal to own in 48 states by people 18 years of age and older. A handful of states require owners to prove that they are not convicted felons, while other states have bans on carrying stun guns at specific places such as schools, courthouses and other public buildings. California is the only state that requires your stun gun to have a serial code on it. Only Rhode Island, Hawaii and the Virgin Islands ban the possession of stun guns and it is anticipated that those States/Territories will likely soon lift those bans as well. In a few States (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin) you may need a permit to carry such a self-defense device.

Counties and cities that ban stun guns include but may not be limited to Annapolis, MD; Baltimore, MD; Baltimore County, MD; Dennison, IA; Crawford County, IA; District of Columbia (D.C.) & Philadelphia, PA. Countries that ban stun guns include Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Many people think they know the legality and effects of stun guns without ever having done the research themselves. Don’t let these naysayers stop you from being protected legally.

Can I bring my stun gun through an airport and onto a commercial airplane?

No, don’t try to do this unless you are prepared to have your Yellow Jacket confiscated and be detained. However, you can safely package your Yellow Jacket and place it into your checked baggage and put it back on your smartphone after you have left the airport. If you are flying on a private plane, consult the airlines and staff before getting on the plane with your Yellow Jacket.

What are the effects of a shock from the Yellow Jacket?

It is important to understand the distinction between a Taser and stun gun. Stun guns are contact weapons and must be applied at close range requiring manual contact with the attacker. TASERS propel tethered darts at the attacker using compressed air. These darts penetrate the skin of the target via pronged barbs. Stun guns also have a lower amperage and higher voltage than TASERS which make them intrinsically safer in case of an accidental discharge. Yellow Jacket will cause moderate to severe pain and definite discomfort to the person it is used on. A stun gun shock’s severity depends greatly on where it contacts the body and how long it is applied. We educate our customers to aim for the torso: rib cage, groin, sternum, throat, face, shoulder or lower neck area. Applying the contact discharge for 1-2 seconds will cause moderate to severe localized pain. A discharge of 3-4 seconds will cause even more serious pain and muscle spasms/contraction and 5 seconds plus has been known to cause an assailant to collapse and/or experience short term mental/physical confusion. With this said, Yellow Jacket does not promise any of these effects at these specific time frames. Overall effectiveness is determined by many other factors such as layers of clothing, weapons/close combat training undergone by the attacker and/or victim, voltage of the stun gun and aggression/ physiological condition of the attacker. Depending on the size and aggression of the attacker, it may lock up their muscles causing them to lose balance and collapse to the ground. Pain is a subjective term when an attempt is made to classify its intensity. Ironically, the more muscular the person that receives the shock, the more susceptible his muscles will be to locking up. It is human nature to avoid potential pain and unknown lights/sounds, so most attackers will jump back to avoid a loud, bright, painful shock.

Should I engage an attacker if they are holding me up with a lethal weapon such as a large knife or gun?

There are certain instances when it may be best to comply with the attacker’s requests or run to safety and call for help. We want to stress that every situation is different depending on a variety of factors such as size, desperation and aggression level of the attacker; whether the attacker is armed and what he is armed with; if you are located in a public or private area; your availability to a weapon or phone; your size, stamina, speed and knowledge of weapons systems and close quarter combat and most importantly….what the attacker’s intentions are. If the attacker is intent on stealing your watch or money, most defensive experts and law enforcement personnel would firmly suggest you simply comply and surrender those material possessions. They can be replaced. However, if the attacker is intent on causing grave bodily injury, rape or murder, the conventional wisdom is you should fight with every bit of determination and advantage you can muster. While you may sustain injuries…..your goal is to survive the attack.

You should also trust your instincts. If an attacker demands your jewelry and money, yet they are attempting to relocate you from public surroundings to a more private location, do not be fooled. They are merely attempting to move you from a crime scene that leaves them exposed to a crime scene that will afford them more protection from discovery. If all they really want is your jewelry and money, simply toss it to them and attempt to run. If robbery is their intention, they should not pursue you. If however, they pursue you or do not accept your compliance……then you must understand that they are NOT there to rob you!

Your body will naturally dump a great deal of adrenaline into your system during times of danger or emergency as it physically prepares you for a “fight or flight” activity. We encourage you to use your instincts to make these split second decisions. Again, material items can be replaced but not human lives. With this said, there are definitely certain times when you should not comply with an attacker. If the attack warrants such action, you must assess whether you can make contact with the aforementioned targets on the body with your Yellow Jacket while avoiding the attacker’s weapon. If you do decide to engage the attacker, it helps greatly to have taken self-defense classes, familiarized yourself with Yellow Jacket’s safety and activation features numerous times and to remember the following rules of engagement. Counterattack with a committed and determined effort. DO NOT FIGHT FAIR. Your attacker will not fight fair so you cannot afford to either. Respond swiftly and attempt to surprise your attacker with both speed and aggression. At the end of the day, the decision to engage or not engage your attacker is your decision alone. Yellow Jacket, LLC does not take responsibility or claim liability for your decision.

Can my Yellow Jacket be used to defend against canine attacks?

Yes. It is not advisable to intentionally place yourself in a position of encouraging such an attack by an animal. It is best to avoid the areas where such an attack could take place. However, applying the Yellow Jacket to the head, neck or ribcage of a dog will have a similar affect as when it is applied to a human. Extending the unit out in front of you and dry firing a 1-2 second “burst,” will many times unnerve the dog as it will see the electric arc, hear the loud popping/ snapping sound and even smell the burning ozone from the high-voltage discharge. This may prevent such an attack from occurring. However, a determined or rabid animal will not easily be dissuaded so be prepared to apply the Yellow Jacket to the attacking animal if needed.

How should I carry my Yellow Jacket?

How do you normally carry your phone? That is the advantage of the Yellow Jacket Phone Case. It is always on your phone. Most people carry their phone with them either in their hand, in their pocket or in their purse. When they are not carrying it in their hand, they keep it close by and easily accessible. If you are jogging or hiking, you may choose to attach the wrist strap to the case so that your phone and Yellow Jacket Phone Case will not fall free from your possession if it slips out of your hand.

Do I need to worry about accidentally “shocking” myself when I carry my Yellow Jacket?

One should always take care in handling any self-defense device. The Yellow Jacket Phone Case is NOT a toy. It is expected that general weapon safety rules should be applied to the carrying and deployment of any self-defense weapon/device…..including the Yellow Jacket. However, to decrease the chances of an accidental discharge, the user is encouraged to keep the Master Arm Switch turned off and or the Electrode Deployment Switch should remain in the “SAFE” or STANDBY position.

Does the Yellow Jacket fit “Plus,” sized and “Max,” sized mobile phones?

As with all mobile phone accessory manufacturers, if a Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is made to fit a “Plus,” sized or “Max,” sized case, it will refer to that fact in the product listing on our website. It is universally accepted (globally) throughout the mobile phone industry that “oversized phones,” are notated as “Plus,” (+) sized or “Max” sized which indicates they are larger than the standard size models produced under that brand. If you are not sure what size your phone is you may usually find such information under “Settings,” and Device Info on your phone. If a Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is designed to fit a non-standard sized mobile phone, it will clearly state that in the product description under its listing. If the case does not notate that it fits “Plus,” (+) sized or “Max,” sized phones, this means it does not fit that model and only fits the standard size phone for that model.

How can I get the Owner’s Manual in other languages?

Visit the following page on our website and you will find our latest version of the Yellow Jacket Owner’s Manual posted in several international languages.