Don't be a victim!

“89% of attacker’s are unarmed using their bare hands to overpower the victim." By simply carrying a form of self defense you are better prepared for every situation.

"Research suggests, during an attack, forceful physical resistance is an extremely successful strategy. The completed rape dropped to 14% when the rapist’s attempt was met with violent physical force.

Women who used knives or guns in self-defense against a rapist were raped less than 1% of the time. Defensive use of edged or projectile weapons reduced the rate of injury to statistical insignificance"

The Yellow Jacket makes personal protection an extension of you by weaponizing your phone.  By carrying a means of self-defense you are empowering yourself to be prepared to defend your life. 

Yellow Jacket is the most unique self defense tool on the market because we armed a product you use in your every day life. It is discreet and functional so you don't feel like you are carrying a self defense tool, but at the same time you are prepared for every situation. 




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