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We are ecstatic for the overwhelming response to our Yellow Jacket phone cases! With backup battery life capabilities, this personal protection phone case can not only give your phone life, but save yours. Our mission is to empower men and women to take their personal protection into their own hands. Even though you may think that you would never fall victim to sexual trafficking, home intrusion, or any other vicious attack, it is smarter to be prepared than vulnerable.

Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case

Every life in our community is valuable and precious, so we are striving to do our part to protect as many individuals as we can. Our team is diligently working on accommodating all phone sizes. If we do not have the case size you are looking for at this time, feel free to contact us to be placed on our emailing list for all of the latest updates and information regarding releases.

Our passionate team is excited to announce that we are currently developing Yellow Jacket models for not only the Apple iPhone, but for the Samsung Smartphone platform as well. The Android Smartphone platforms are in Research and Development at this time. Be on the lookout for these highly anticipated Yellow Jacket models coming soon, and get one step closer to combating violent crimes with your Yellow Jacket stun gun phone case!

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