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    Being the target of violent crime is tragic. It was during a moment of vulnerability that the Yellow Jacket® backup battery, stun gun phone case was conceptualized. The idea was created when a former U.S. Army soldier, Seth Froom, was robbed at gunpoint in his own home. The robber took many of his possessions including his iPhone® but coincidentally left his case. After the incident Seth was given a stun gun for protection and often thought back on that fateful night pondering the many ways he could have defended himself if only his iPhone® case could also act as a stun gun. Armed with his new idea, Yellow Jacket® was soon formed.

    Our Team
    Yellow Jacket® was acquired by new ownership in 2016. Joseph Jobe and Chris Zavala focused all of their energy into re-developing the Yellow Jacket phone case into a lifestyle conducive, effective personal protection device. The Yellow Jacket can now double the life of your phone with a back-up battery and protect you with a high powered stun gun. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, our small team is committed to a lifestyle of preparedness, awareness and defense. Our mission is to create a safer world for humanity by providing individuals with convenient tools to arm themselves.  We want to empower people to live a more free life.