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    Why You Need It


    “If you are someone who is concerned about your personal safety or those of your immediate family, then you know that you must either be able to rely upon physical training and defensive (martial) techniques/ tactics to protect yourself… or you must rely upon defensive equipment/ tools to successfully fend off a violent attack.”

    “Many people have a personal aversion to carrying and/or deploying lethal or deadly force weapons. They simply do not feel they are capable of taking another life. It may be that they find themselves in a location that legally prohibits the possession or deployment of a deadly weapon and they do not choose to run afoul of such prohibited devices. For this reason, a non-lethal or less-lethal defensive device such as a Stun Gun can be the perfect option for such situations.”

    “The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case can be the perfect defensive weapon for women or men who always have their phone with them. It is a defensive device that is usually close at hand. It can be accurately deployed by people of limited physical capabilities. Even a person with limited eyesight or mobility can effectively deploy a Yellow Jacket!”