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    How To Use It


    “As the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is a contact weapon, it will assist you in creating an opening to escape an attacker who attempts to grab or hold you. By pressing it against an attackers hand, arm, neck, face, groin area or torso and discharging the Stun Gun…it will cause extreme localized pain resulting in the attacker recoiling from it. This should allow the defender to escape from the grasp of the attacker.”

    “It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the Yellow Jacket Owner’s Manual and watch the videos on the Official Yellow Jacket Website to learn specific techniques and proper deployment of the Stun Gun.”

    “It is imperative that you realize that it may be necessary for you to counter a physical attack with even greater violent ferocity than is thrust upon you. This may mean deploying the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun towards someone’s eyes or other highly vulnerable targets. It is important you realize you may be in a fight for your life. For that reason, it is important that you respond to an attack with overwhelming force to create an opportunity to escape.”