Sweat was dripping down my face. I didn’t think I could fight him off for too much longer. “Turn your body, put him on your shoulder, and throw him on the ground. Just like you were taught.” The sound of his body hitting the floor meant I won. I had taken down a grown man and was victorious. I had successfully completed a shoulder throw in my jujitsu class. I felt unstoppable. 

I’m a 21 year old girl living in a major metropolitan city. Although this city, Philadelphia, and my mother raised me to be aware, it is still not safe to be a young woman alone on these streets. I know that there is a possibility that I could be harassed or worst attacked. Realistically, if I ever had to fight someone in the streets I wouldn’t be able to do it. The techniques I learned in jujitsu and Krav Maga would leave my head like high school math. 

How could I protect myself if something were to happen to me? I needed something.

Fast forward a bit and my friend Amy Robbins creates a clothing line called Alexo Athletica. It is the only active wear line that advocates and assists for women’s rights to defend herself. However, the major question I had was “How will I defend myself.” That’s how I found Yellow Jacket. 

Like most 20-somethings I am always on my phone, and typically have it near me at all times. That also means it is constantly dying. My friend Amy recommended this product called Yellow Jacket. A phone battery case with a twist. That twist is a stun gun. When I heard this, I immediately ordered one and have carried it on me ever since. My phone never dies, and I know that I will be protected no matter what. Like other personal protection tools, they can be scary to use. However, with Yellow Jacket, I am confident in my ability to use it and have ease of mind whenever I am walking city streets alone. 

If you want to get one get one for yourself or all the girls in your life (I know you do) use my code INDIAH15 to save some moola and let me know what you think on Instagram @indiahporter.

- Indiah Porter