Yellow Jacket…the future of self-defense Is right around the corner!


The Stinger Solutions family would like to thank the thousands of customers who have become “members of the hive,” over the last year. Your support for the Yellow Jacket has been nothing short of amazing. We always knew that our products would be well received in the marketplace. However, even we were caught off guard by just how much in demand the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is! Like most manufacturers have found, the last 18 months have been quite a challenge for us due to the global pandemic and how it has impacted supply chain manufacturing and logistics. As many of you know, our products have been manufactured in China to date. When the pandemic shut down most of the factories in that country, it brought our production to a standstill. After many months of sitting idle, as our manufacturing partners began to restart their production lines…international shipping and logistics were completely overwhelmed with regards to supporting the freight requirements to deliver products to America. This has created tremendous disruptions in securing adequate inventories for not just us, but the majority of manufacturers.



If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that relying on one location for manufacturing is not a promising idea moving forward. Even manufacturers in the US and Europe have felt the supply chain “crunch,” because so many components necessary for product production has historically been made in China. Hence, locating multiple factories for component production as well as product assembly will be the key to minimizing future supply chain disruptions. Stinger Solutions has been working tirelessly to locate production facilities that will meet our uncompromising standards for quality and performance with regards to our Conducted Energy Devices. It is one thing if your daughter’s hairdryer doesn’t work when she needs it to. That is an inconvenience. However, if her Yellow Jacket CED doesn’t perform when she needs it to…that could be a catastrophe. The patience afforded us by many potential customers for the Yellow Jacket is greatly appreciated. Today’s consumers are far more sophisticated and educated and in that regards, most people realize that we are doing the best we can to manufacture and ship out new models of our products as quickly as we can. We can only assure everyone that has this pandemic continues to fall behind us, we are pushing as hard as we can to keep up with the expected demand for our products for 2022.


What’s New?

Not only will we be launching new model Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Cases for an expanding portfolio of new phone models, but we are continuing to upgrade our performance parameters for all of our products. Our goals are to continue to increase the Microcoloumb output of power for our CED’s as well as advance our internal designs for reliability and performance. We will also be introducing several new product designs. We can assure you that we have several additional unique, innovative products in engineering that will be of the same caliber as our Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case. Trust us…we are going to blow-away the Conducted Energy Device industry with our latest offerings! Stinger Solutions has but one goal. That is to build the highest quality, best performing CED products on the market today. Our number one priority has always been to reduce physical assaults against potential victims using a non-lethal technology that is dependable and effective. Now that we are moving past the global supply chain disruptions that everyone has dealt with over the last 18 months…we are recommitting ourselves to those goals and standards.



All of us at Stinger Solutions would like to THANK our customers, our Dealers and Distributors for supporting us this past year. The testimonial letters we have received from customers who have had to use their Yellow Jackets in self-defense situations has reminded us just how important our “mission,” is. On a daily basis, we receive emails, phone calls and social media inquiries of interest about our products. Please know that we always attempt to respond to all communication, but due to the sheer volume of them, we may not get back to you immediately. However, that does not mean your contact is not important to us. Again, THANK YOU for being interested in the Yellow Jacket. THANK YOU for your support and your patience over this very trying time for all of us. Be safe and remember…the future of self-defense, is in your hands! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and a Safe and Prosperous New Year!