New Apple X/XS Case About to Be Released!

For some time now, the Stinger Solutions engineering team has been working feverishly to bring our next Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case to market.  After receiving literally tens of thousands of inquiries as to when (and what model) that would be, we can finally announce that our latest case has completed production!

Our goal has been to release our latest model Yellow Jacket Case early 2020…and we are proud to say that day has come! If you didn’t get the hint from the title of this blog, our next model out is for the Apple iPhone X/Xs phone.  We are making it in the most popular colors we have sold to date…namely, Midnight Black, Urgent Red, Desert Tan and Cool Teal.  This new engineering design will also allow us to introduce new models (for additional phone models) at a much faster pace without compromising quality or performance.

However, the release of this new model is only half the story.  While our social media followers are aware that we have been working on a new model  Yellow Jacket® case, even they have no idea what it will look like. Our latest model will be the “look” of all of our future designs.    So what’s the big deal?

Yellow Jacket Gen V Design…

Our latest Generation V design will be a unitary case rather than a binary one.  In other words, our latest design will no longer require you to insert your phone into an “inner-case,” that will then lock into the “outer-case.”  By going to a new unitary design, we are able to make the Yellow Jacket Case noticeably thinner.

The new design has a latched-hinge cover than will pivot open and allow the users phone to be slid directly into the “bed” of the case.  Once it is inserted into the case, the hinge cover is pivoted closed and then latched into place. This allows the phone to be retained securely against the case without resulting in a larger two-piece phone case.

However, by simply unlocking the new latching mechanism at the top of the case, the hinge can easily be pivoted open to allow the phone to be quickly and succinctly slid up and out of the case, thus allowing your phone to still be shared while you retain a fully functional stun gun under your control.

Overall, the case is now rounded at the edges to create a thinner, sleeker profile in the hand.  We have also molded more rubber inlays into the surface of the case so the overall tactile feel of the case is more comfortable …while also affording a more secure purchase on the Yellow Jacket when you are holding it.

What’s Next?

We want to assure those who are Android users that we haven’t forgotten about you either.  As soon as we release our new YJ-X model, our next Yellow Jacket® case will be for the new Samsung Galaxy Smartphone!  Our goal is to release that model early 2020 with Plus sized phone cases coming shortly after that. In each of these new model releases, the Yellow Jacket ® cases will all be built off of our new Gen V designs!

We know it may seem like it has taken an inordinate amount of time to get our new model cases into production….and your right, it has.  However, it is important that you understand that we are not satisfied in simply releasing product for the sake of generating sales. Our mission has always been to develop and manufacture the highest quality products possible for protecting our family…which is made up of our customers.  

We review our new designs with the members of our Advisory Board.  We listen to our current customers on what they would do to advance our product designs and then we invest literally thousands of hours into testing and evaluating our latest designs and components.  Only once we are satisfied that we have advanced our product from an aesthetic and performance standpoint do we begin the manufacturing process.

Thank You!

We at Stinger Solutions would like to thank you for your patience and your support. On a daily basis we receive emails and social media posts that are highly appreciative of our efforts to bring cutting-edge, high-technology self-defense products to market.  In the coming months you will see new products added to our portfolio that continue to be “out-of-the-box,” discreet yet formidable self-defense tools.

As many who follow us on social media know, we have recently partnered with the elite self-defense training group known as KRM-Tactical.  They are the originators of the W.A.S.P. system as well as the developers of an advanced self-defense 1 hour course that is built around the Yellow Jacket®.  This is another example of our commitment to providing our “customer family,” the best self-defensive products and training available today. Visit for more information about the W.A.S.P or Yellow Jacket Training Class! 

We are also excited to announce that we are now working with the USCCA!  The United States Concealed Carry Association is the benchmark for providing technical and legal assistance for those licensed to carry firearms.  Since the Yellow Jacket is considered a tremendous “weapon retention tool,” for those who carry a firearm, the USCCA has partnered with us to introduce our products to the more than 350,000 members of their amazing organization.  Visit to learn more about the best legal support group for those who believe in self-defense.