Violent Crime + Fewer Police = {?}


If you think you are hearing more stories on violent crime on the news than in the past…you are correct. Violent crime is up in almost every category across the US.  Drawing on crime data from a sampling of twenty-two cities, current research found that the number of murders was 44% greater than they were in 2019! Overall, reported violent crime is up over 6% while reported property crime actually decreased over 7.5%

One of the key take-aways from those two statistics is that most researchers now provide the caveat of the difference between “reported,” criminal acts and “unreported.” Why is that an important distinction? To recognize the significance of such delineation, one only has to observe that the number of police officers (per capita) fell 8.5% between its 2006 peak and 2020.

Hence, more crimes go unreported than ever before due to a number of factors.  There are fewer police officers on the street to respond to a call for help. There has been a trend in the criminal justice system to prosecute less aggressively those arrested for many criminal acts.  Many victims of crime are now intimidated to push for prosecution because they fear social media retribution that may impact their livelihoods.

Taken as a whole, it is likely that actual violent crime rates are higher than the reported data indicates…as is the level of property crimes.  Much of the current crime data also indicates that the average American, is more on their own than ever before when it comes to taking responsibility for their own personal safety! 

Fewer Police & Fewer Options…

When you consider that arrests have decreased every year since 2006, violent crime has increased, with far fewer police officers on patrol, with the current trend of incarcerating fewer criminals…including an all time high of those arrested immediately released without bond, it is no wonder the average, law-abiding citizen is at greater risk today of violent assault than in decades.

It is also important to note that as police response times to calls for help get longer, the average victim of a criminal act, left to fend for themselves, is more dependent than ever on effective defensive techniques and/or tools.  The defensive tools of choice for many people have been the handgun.  However, there are multiple reasons why today sidearms are less likely to be deployed during an assault.

  • The regulations for lawful carry of a firearm continue to tighten making it more difficult in many locales to legally carry a firearm.
  • Many people are so intimidated by firearms that they feel uncomfortable in owning them and/or having a lethal weapon near children.
  • Quality firearms and defensive ammunition have become more expensive to purchase and maintain.  Firearms licenses, practice at a shooting range and in many cases securing additional liability insurance has only exacerbated the costs of firearm ownership.

Hence, handguns while an excellent option are just not the right option for many people that are concerned about personal safety in the ever more threatening communities, they live in.


Non-Lethal, Effective CEW’s are the future…

So fewer Police Officers on the street.  Criminals going through a “revolving door,” back onto the street. Handgun ownership getting harder for the average law-abiding citizen.  What options does that leave us?  

If you don’t have any physical limitations, you can try to take self-defense classes.  However, this means that you must be prepared to overcome a likely stronger, bigger and more violence-experienced opponent with superior technique.  You could attempt to use a chemical agent (like pepper spray) … if the wind is blowing the right direction, you are not in an enclosed space like your car, an elevator, or a stairwell…and you have it ready to deploy in your hand when attacked.

The future of personal self-defense tools is based on three main criteria:

  • Is the tool discreet enough to always be at hand for immediate deployment, without having to search for it in a purse or briefcase? Can you get to it even if the assault is launched from ambush against you?
  • Is the tool effective? Unlike chemical agents, is it target specific? Is it easy to use but safe and disguised from unauthorized use? Is it of an advanced design that reflects 21st-century technology?
  • Is it NON-LETHAL in application? Is it accessible to most people living in the United States? Does it avoid regulatory prohibitions that preclude universal ownership for law-abiding, age-appropriate US citizens?

The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is the most powerful stun gun of its design in the world.  It is effective.  It is target specific.  It is discreet enough to be carried every day.  As violent crime soars in the majority of cities and the number of police officers available to respond to a call for help declines, YOU are responsible for your personal safety more than ever.

We encourage you to explore our website where you will learn more about Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW) and the effective deployment of them.  Watch the videos on our website.  Read the testimonial letters provided in our blogs.  You will come to the same conclusion thousands of others have already.  The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Phone Case is the future of self-defense!