In the past couple of weeks we have read about several horrible murders that are hard to comprehend for many reasons.  Don’t misunderstand, all murders or senseless acts of violence are horrific and devastating for both the victim and their families.  However, for some reason when a young person loses their life to an act of violence, it seems to generate even more outrage in the media…and perhaps rightly so.

It is horrendous when an innocent person is targeted by a predatory assailant and ultimately becomes the victim of a vicious physical assault.  That being said, we seem to dismiss (somewhat) the violence thrust upon someone who is involved in a nefarious or illegal activity that goes wrong…resulting in them becoming a victim.  

A drug deal gone bad or hanging out with a bad group of people allows us the emotional luxury of accepting the outcome of a horrible crime as…unfortunately they should have known better.  A woman trapped in a domestic violence driven relationship may not always have the ability to escape such a dominant dynamic…thus she knew better, but she couldn’t take the necessary steps to extract herself from it.  The question becomes, does anyone ever ask to become a victim of a violent crime? The answer is a resounding, NO!

The Wrong Place…at the Wrong Time

The past couple of weeks we have all read about two cases of women who seemed to literally be targeted for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.  In fact, most women say that the sheer randomness of some of these violent crimes is more terrifying than targeted acts of violence. They ask, “ does one avoid a violent assault if they are inherently random?  What locations are truly safe?”

Celia Barquin Arozamena was a 22 year old top amateur golfer from Spain who was finishing her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University.   September 17th, she was found murdered on a golf course near her University.  The Big 12 Conference Champion, Barquin had dreams of making the LPGA pro tour and spent countless hours practicing at the Coldwater Golf Links course in Ames Iowa.

Her golf bag was found unattended on the course by other golfers around 11:00 am when police were called to investigate, they found her in a pond near the 9th hole on the course.  She had been brutally assaulted and stabbed to death.  Her assailant was a vagrant who lived in a “tent-city,” near the course. Barquin obviously was doing something she had done many times over the years in an environment she was familiar and comfortable with…in broad daylight.

Wendy K. Martinez, 35 an avid runner and committed fitness guru, was out for an early evening jog Tuesday, September 18th when she stumbled into a “takeout” restaurant  covered in blood and asking for help. The Logan Circle neighborhood resident of Washington D.C. evidently ran this route frequently.    Even with the help of good-Samaritans at the restaurant, Martinez later died from stab wounds suffered during her assault.

In surveillance video, Martinez appeared to alert customers to her attacker.  Police do not believe that Martinez previously knew her attacker, and a knife believed to be the murder weapon was recovered at the scene.  “It is more likely a random act than anything else, but we’re going to look at all possibilities,” Police Chief Peter Newsham said during a Wednesday news conference, adding patrons at the restaurant “…did the best they could,” to save Ms. Martinez’s life.

Newsham went on to say that Ms. Martinez lived near Logan Circle, which he described as a “very safe neighborhood.”  Martinez was as an avid runner and known to run for miles around the city. She worked as the Chief of Staff for the software company FiscalNote.  The suspected male perpetrator of the murder fled the scene and is still at large.

Tibbetts, Barquin and Martinez…

Whether it is Mollie Tibbetts, Celia Barquin or Wendy Martinez, unfortunately, these three tragic cases share many common threads.  Each young woman even though they were athletic, was of a slight physical build. They were all three doing something or located somewhere they felt very comfortable and safe.  They were not in a dangerous area or around “bad” people at the time of their assault. They were alone at the time they were attacked. In each instance, their targeting appears (preliminarily) to be random in nature.

Based on the above, there is not a parent or spouse in the nation that is not concerned about the safety of their loved one in this day and age. That is why we are more committed than ever as the manufacturer of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case to not just provide an effective means of self-defense, but to also help educate people today on how to remain vigilant in their surroundings.

One of the most predictive indicators regarding the effectiveness of a defensive tool/weapon is if it is close-at- hand when it is needed.  An effective self-defense tool must be reliable, formidable and in your hand (or close-at-hand) when needed. In an ambush style surprise attack, having to extract a weapon from your purse, backpack or briefcase…is not only unlikely but also a highly complicated process while potentially fighting for your life.  Since your phone is almost always in your hand…the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case may be the most intuitive and effective defensive tool ever devised!

STING of the WASP…

Stinger Solutions is proud to announce that we will be working with one of the most effective self-defense training programs in the world today.  The Women’s Assault Survival Program (WASP) was developed by Kerwin Rodriguez and Robert Metz.  Both have extensive training in Martial Arts as well as military and law enforcement backgrounds.  

Based out of the West Palm Beach Florida area, WASP training incorporates the use of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case into practical defensive techniques that will enhance the technical deployment of the Yellow Jacket. WASP training also incorporates other more traditional weapons and open-hand techniques into an effective fighting style designed to prepare the practitioner to effectively halt a violent confrontation and create the means for an escape.

In the coming months, we will be posting high-quality, easy to comprehend defensive tactics videos prepared by Mr. Rodriguez and Mr. Metz that demonstrate effective techniques using the Yellow Jacket in realistic, violent assaults.  We would encourage everyone to seek out WASP Instructors in your area to increase your self-defense capabilities. This program is not a “make-believe” unrealistic training class. WASP instructors teach devastating skills that are street-savvy and life-experience based.  Nor does it require months or years of training to become proficient in WASP defensive techniques.

The Yellow Jacket combined with the Fighting WASP may be the single best combination of tools and tactics one can use to defend themselves!  Remember, the future of self-defense…is in your hands!

For more information on WASP Training, contact Sensei Kerwin Rodriguez (561)-502-8770

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