Society as a whole seems to view each New Year as a clean slate. A time to regroup and analyze various ways to improve life moving forward. The most common resolutions range from eating healthier, exercising more, and making wiser financial decisions. The unfortunate truth is most of these resolutions tend to fall to the waste side as early as February. What if there was a way to crush all of your goals with entirely less effort? There is, and it takes place completely within your thought process. Instead of setting broad goals with no plan, let's set ourselves up for success. Let's resolve to be aware.

The one resolution you need is to increase your awareness. Be aware of everything you put into your body, each item you spend your money on, and the allocation of your time. Conscious living brings more control, decisive improvement and intentional growth.

Increasing awareness also encapsulates being conscious of what is happening around you. Developing a strong aptitude for situational awareness creates a more secure environment. The Yellow Jacket phone case has been a game changer for me in this aspect. It is not only a great reminder to be aware of my surroundings, but it is an effective way to defend myself from any potential harm I may face. By integrating a powerful stun gun and back-up battery for my phone into a protective phone case, Yellow Jacket has positioned me to live a more secure life in 2019.