There is an old adage that goes, “fool me once…shame on you, fool me twice…shame on me!” Unfortunately, it appears that may be the working context for marketing stun guns today. Stun Gun Distributors and Manufacturers make all types of outlandish claims about voltage and how effective their product is…with little or no real data to back up their claims.

 Stun guns are for the most part and unregulated industry when it comes to the standards their products are manufactured under. Over 93% of all stun guns are made in China with the majority of the remainder made in other Asian countries. The reason stun guns are made overseas is simple economics. Do to the fact that much of the production is labor intensive; the cost of such devices made outside of the Asian Rim would be much greater.

 However, since the vast majority of stun gun devices are manufactured in Asia, many of the internal components used in their production are of suspect quality. It is also interesting to note that while China manufactures more stun guns than any other country in the world….they are illegal for civilian possession or use. This means that many of the people who work on stun gun products have little or no practical understanding of how they will be used or what their realistic capabilities should be.

 Billion Volt Claims…

So how do you choose a stun gun with all of these outlandish voltage claims? Just how much voltage do you need in a stun gun for it to adequately protect you? One Million volts? Ten Million Volts? How long before we see a marketer advertising a stun gun with One Billion Volts?! In fact, another question might well be, “…does voltage even matter?”

 If you have ever rubbed your shoes against a synthetic rug and proceeded to touch a door knob that resulted in a static electricity shock….then you could safely say that you have been shocked with about 20,000 to 30,000 volts of electricity! This should effectively prove that voltage is not the most important factor when choosing a stun gun.

 Even amperage is only one additional factor that contributes to the effectiveness of a stun gun. Remember, in the case of stun gun devices we are talking about thousandths of an amp, which is measured as milliamps. The average stun gun generates no more than 1.8 – 2.7 milliamps, while our Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun generates approximately 3.8 - 4.2 milliamps with a full charge on board it’s built in power bank.


Just the Facts:

When you are comparing stun guns, there are a few things you should focus on specifically.

  • Quality – Is the device manufactured to high-standards using only premium components? Is the device independently tested by a respected quality control engineering group? Does the company stand behind its product?
  • Innovation – Does the device reflect state-of-the-art technology or does it remind you of the old fashion stun guns that have been around for years? What set’s this device apart from any others you may have seen before?
  • Performance – The stun gun needs to be powerful enough to effectively defend you from an assailant. Does it appear to be a toy or a tool? Performance means that it must also be compact, concealable and readily deployable.   It doesn’t matter if it is effective if you will never have it at hand when you need it!

In the coming months, our Yellow Jacket Technical Team will continue to provide educational and informative articles to help you, the consumer, make better decisions when it comes to choosing the best defensive tools for your lifestyle.

As we continue to release new Yellow Jacket models for various brand phones we will obviously let you know. Feel free to email us any questions you may have about the Yellow Jacket Smart Phone Stun Gun or stun guns and other defensive devices in general. In fact, you may want to keep a close eye on us to see what other unique and innovative defensive tools our secret “Tech Lab,” is up to!

Remember…the future of self-defense is in your hands!