Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, a startup by the name of Stinger Solutions has designed and patented a unique self-defense device known as the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case. The “Yellow Jacket,” is a high-quality protective phone case that will not only act as a backup battery that will keep your Smartphone running longer…but it is also discreetly incorporates a 7,000,000 volt, non-lethal stun gun into the case!

Joseph Jobe, CEO of the parent company states, “…the one shortcoming of every defensive device sold today is that it is an extra piece of equipment you have to carry. We wanted something that would be second nature to always have with you…if not actually at hand! Who doesn’t have their phone near them even as they are reading this?”

It was based on this concept that the Yellow Jacket design was launched. The company currently has multiple models in the marketplace today that fits various phones, with more models in production. Over the next several months there will be a Yellow Jacket that fits most of the top-selling Smartphone’s manufactured today.

The company has also developed a proprietary phone app that once downloaded to the users phone will discreetly video a potential assailant when the Yellow Jacket is placed into “standby mode.” It will then text pre-chosen individuals out of your phone contact list that you need help and your location once you actually discharge your Yellow Jacket! It is even capable of alerting your followers on FACEBOOK that a violent assault is underway where you are located. “Our Yellow Jacket phone app will be a game-changer on its own once we release it!” said Jobe.

The Yellow Jacket has already been featured on several national news and television shows as the “future of self-defense.” With sales climbing every day as the product gains more prominence, it is expected to be one of the hottest selling personal safety products introduced in 2018.

Mr. Jobe said, “We are confident that the Yellow Jacket will be a huge hit with people who are interested in protecting themselves. The product will appeal to people across a broad spectrum. It is the largest backup battery on the market today for a Smartphone, it protects your phone from drops and dings and it can protect you from assailants in a parking garage or menacing dogs on the jogging trail!”

Stinger Solutions is a privately held company that manufactures the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case in multiple colors and models. Their products can be purchased through Amazon and in retailers throughout the United States. They are currently seeking international distribution and representation. The Yellow Jacket website is They can be reached at (225)-304-6933 or