Common Q & A’s

It seems like every day we get questions emailed to us about the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case. Sometimes, the questions are posed as “statements,” that people will post on social media. Unfortunately, many of those posts are inaccurate.

For that reason we decided to post some of those questions in this article so we could answer them. If you have any questions you would like to see posted in a future article, then simply email them to us at and we will respond directly to your question. Who knows, if the question is a good one…it may make our next “Q & A,” article!

Can the Yellow Jacket be used on a commercial aircraft? No. It is illegal and against FAA regulations to carry a stun gun on a commercial airplane. That is why we make the Yellow Jacket so you can conveniently detach your phone from the stun gun portion of the device and then place the stun gun portion in your “checked baggage.” Upon arrival at your destination, simply reattach the stun gun portion to your phone and you are good to go again!

How likely is it that I may shock myself while I am attempting to make a call or texting with my phone if it is attached to the Yellow Jacket? It is next to impossible we assure you. There is a dual-safety design integrated into the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case that protects against such an occurrence. First, a Safety Switch is located on the side of the case that must be pushed upward into the Ready Position. This will energize the stun gun and place it in standby mode. A LED light will turn on located on the back of the case confirming the unit has been set into the ready position. Second, the Stun Gun Activation Switch located on the back of the case, must also be pushed forward to expose the two electrodes at the top of the case. The switch itself will glow red in color when it is activated and ready to fire. Thus, two separate actions, requiring two separate switches to be manipulated, that are located in two separate locations on the case are required to prepare the unit to discharge. Third (finally) the Stun Gun Activation Switch must be depressed (using some force) for the stun gun to discharge (fire). As you can see, there are two separate safety switches integrated into the design of the Yellow Jacket that require three separate actions to discharge the unit. To place the unit back into safe (standby mode) you simply slide the Stun Gun Activation Switch rearward, causing the electrodes to retract inside the case. This action deactivates the unit returning it to safe-standby-mode.

Will using the stun gun run down my phone’s battery? No. The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case has its own internal battery supply. The stun gun runs off of the Yellow Jacket battery and not your phone’s internal battery. In fact, the Yellow Jacket can use its own internal battery to actually charge your phones battery by acting as a backup battery for your phone!

Can the Yellow Jacket charge my phone battery when it is attached to it? Yes. The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case can act as a backup battery for your phone while on the go! It has four LED lights on the back of the case to let you know when it is charging your phone. When the phone charging button on the case has been activated, the LED lights will blink to let you know that it is actively charging your phone. It will continue to charge your phone until it has around 20% of its built-in backup battery left, and then it will automatically cease charging your phone. This will allow it to retain enough power to still work as a stun gun in an emergency situation.

Can the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case injure or kill someone? No. It is a Conducted Energy Weapon that is classified as a non-lethal device. It generates a tremendous level of microcoulombs that are capable of delivering a very intensive level of pain when deployed against someone. It will not cause permanent damage (unless it is deployed directly into the eye) nor will it cause death when deployed against someone. Microcoulombs are a much more accurate determination of effectiveness regarding Conducted Energy Weapons than voltage, current or amperage.

What is the difference between the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun and a TASER? A TASER is designed to effect large muscle groups through neuro-muscular interruption. This causes a large group of muscles to “lock-up,” thus causing the recipient to fall down. To cause this action to take place, the TASER fires two dart like projectiles on tethered wires into the targeted individual. This makes the TASER difficult to use in a car, elevator, crowded room or any other close-proximity situation and it must be accurately aimed at the target. The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is a “contact weapon.” This means that you press it against your attacker and it delivers a high level of generated microcoulombs which are highly painful at the contact point. This intense pain is designed to force the assailant to move away from you thus allowing you time and space to escape the attack. The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun is ideal for us in close-quarters and in vehicles, elevators, crowded rooms and is not dependent upon accurate aiming at a distant target.

Thank you to all of the individuals who have submitted these questions. You can find more information and Q & A’s on our website. Watch for more information in other upcoming articles. Remember, the future of self-defense…is in your hands.