Surviving A Virus… (the two-legged kind!)


National Emergences will generally bring out the best in society. Historically, our natural instinct is to “pull together,” and support each other. We get to know our neighbors better. We watch out for each other. Our heightened senses help us to more effectively recognize potentially dangerous situations so we can avoid them.

However, desperate times can also (unfortunately) bring about desperate people. It can motivate good people to do bad things and even worse…it can create opportunities for bad people to become even more bold and aggressive. Data collected by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in their periodic “Survey of Inmates in State Correctional Facilities (SISCF),” indicates that most career-criminals identify times of societal upheaval as, “…prime opportunities for accelerating their criminal activities.”

These “predators,” identify several reasons these states-of-emergency translate into a more successful “hunting season,” for them;

· People are more distracted by the nature of the emergency so they make basic personal security mistakes.

· Law Enforcement is usually over-tasked and under-staffed. (Yes, Cops get sick too!)

· People can literally be physically fatigued and mentally less sharp due to constantly being on “high alert.”

· Societal upheaval breeds confusion and confusion breeds opportunity for predators.

· Self-isolation creates better odds for “predator – prey,” interactions. It is easier for the “pack” on the hunt to isolate their targets.

Two Types of People Wear Masks…

Generally speaking, when you see someone walking towards you wearing any kind of mask over their face, the average person’s “spider-senses,” begin to tingle. However, when it is a surgical mask we don’t usually panic. Afterall, who normally wears a surgical style mask? Healthcare providers, people who are sick and don’t want to spread their infection, people who don’t want to be exposed to an infection or people who may have some type of respiratory illness.

For that matter, when surgical style masks become hard to find, we see people wearing all types of face-masks. Hence, with a world concerned about exposure to an infectious disease, we become somewhat lackadaisical about encountering people who are wearing face masks. We completely forget about the other type of person who will cover their face.

This is not the time to let our guard down with regards to people covering their faces. If you were to ask incarcerated criminals what is better than them being able to wear a face mask without drawing undue attention to themselves…they would say, “when everybody is wearing a face mask!” For that reason, it is important that we remember to focus on other visual “cues,” someone approaching us wearing a mask may be giving off. Remember, trust your gut. If you have a bad feeling about someone or someplace…it is probably for a reason.


Electro-Shock Therapy…

If we recognize that we are at a distinct disadvantage during times of a national emergency with regards to being personally at our “peak,” and the government services we rely on to help keep us safe are also greatly hindered…then we must also acknowledge that the responsibility for our personal safety falls on no one but ourselves.

There is a reason that at these times of great concern, gun stores are flooded with first-time firearms buyers. Grocery stores have shelves stripped bare. Gas stations see everyone “topping-off,” their fuel tanks and banks run low on cash. These actions are all symptoms of individuals attempting to exercise some effort of “preparedness.”

However, it is important to remember the old adage, “…if your defensive-tool isn’t at hand when you need it…you might as well be carrying a toaster-oven!” Translation: for any defensive tool to be effective you must be confident in its capabilities, competent in your capabilities and it must be ready for immediate deployment.

This is where the discreet Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case really shines. As you read this article, it is a given statistical fact that over 97% of you have your mobile device either in hand…or very close at hand. If you have a Yellow Jacket attached to your phone you are able to deliver some electro-shock therapy to anyone that needs it at a moment’s notice! THAT is the definition of “preparedness.”

As we like to remind people, the future of self-defense…is in your hands! (Just remember to wash those hands with soap and water.)