Valentine’s Day is supposed to be full of candy, flowers and kisses.  However, for Mrs. M. Smith of Okanogan Washington, this past February 14th could have ended on a tragic note if not for her quick thinking and her Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case.

Mrs. Smith had been given her Yellow Jacket a few weeks previously by her husband.  He was concerned because her employment schedule required her to work some nights and he wanted her to have some type of legal protection.  Knowing that she was not inclined to carry any defensive-tool on its own, her husband Benjamin was confident that she would not balk on a device that attached to her phone.  As expected, she thoroughly embraced the Yellow Jackets discreet convenience.

…and I am not afraid to use it!”

Not long after she started carrying her Yellow Jacket, Mrs. Smith was approached and threatened by a street-thug one night upon leaving work.  As he began to close in a menacing manner on Mrs. Smith, her phone and attached Yellow Jacket Stun Gun was already in her hand.

Without batting an eye, she discharged (fired) her Yellow jacket in front of her.  As the high-microcoulomb Conducted Energy Weapon or stun gun began to “air-arc,” between the electrodes…it generated a loud and ominous “popping and crackling,” sound with a tremendously bright high-voltage charge that danced between the electrodes!

Her adversary stopped in his tracks and yelled, “…What the F*** is that?!”  Mrs. Smith glaring with a determined stare yelled back, “…its stun gun and I’m not afraid to use it!”  Then to add a bit more emphasis…she fired the stun gun again!  At that point her assailant backed up and jogged away as he mumbled under his breath.   It was only after she was alone that she realized the dangerous situation she had just escaped.

Predators Come in Two and Four Legs…

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day.  While Mrs. Smith kept thinking she may never need to deploy her Yellow Jacket again, one thing she was certain of was that even under a highly stressful situation, she was confident that she could use her Yellow Jacket.  Little did she know it would be that very afternoon she would again be pressed into deploying it.

As she and her eight year old son were walking to their car to meet her husband for a nice Valentine’s Day dinner, a large aggressive dog charged from out of nowhere towards her son.  She immediately recognized the dog as an overly aggressive canine that Animal Control had been attempting to capture for some time.

As she rushed to place herself between the attacking dog and her son, without even realizing it she had pulled her phone/ Yellow Jacket Case out of her coat pocket and shoved it out in front of her.  At this point she was separated by only a couple of feet from the snarling animal when she pressed on the fire button! Immediately a high-voltage arc of electricity jumped between the two pronghorn electrodes that extended out of the front of the Yellow Jacket Case.  There was a tremendous snapping and crackling generated by the high-microcoulomb discharge that arced into the air right in front of the charging dogs muzzle!

“Immediately the dog hit the brakes…locking up in his tracks!” according to Mrs. Smith.  “I kept the button pressed and must have fired that stun gun off for a good four or five seconds!”   She went on to say, “that dog’s entire demeanor changed…as did the direction he was traveling. He spun around and took off in a slow lope up the street away from us...with his ears down and his tail tucked.  I think he even yelped when it fired and I didn’t even make contact with him. If I didn’t have my Yellow Jacket with me…I shudder to think what may have happened to my son or me.”

The CEW Always Within Reach…

It really doesn’t matter how effective a defensive tool is if it is not at hand when you need it.  While there may be other self-defense tools that are effective on the market today…none of them are as discreet and close at hand as the Yellow Jacket.  Carrying a legitimate Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) is important. Carrying one that you can get to when needed, can be the difference between instinctively reacting with it or fumbling for a device you may never get to use.

Mrs. Smith in Washington State is testament to being prepared and having a strong sense of personal character.  In both of the incidents above, there is an important lesson to learn from her. She responded to both attacks with a determined sense of purpose.  She did not hesitate. She was not going to “wilt” from the aggression thrust upon her or her family.

In short, Mrs. Smith was willing to fight rather than just be rolled over by any predator on the street...whether that predator was on two or four legs!