In this day and age if you want to watch “so-called” defensive tactics experts, all you have to do is visit You Tube and start searching.  You can also bring up the subject on Facebook or even LinkedIn and you will be inundated with opinions stated as FACT. Unfortunately, most of what you will see (or hear) is total B.S.

As a company that manufacturers a Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW), we are occasionally the recipient of people voicing opinions about Stun Guns who have never even visited our website to learn about our product…let alone have they actually reviewed one.  However, that does not keep them from stating their opinions as “fact.”

Over the past year, some of the most common opinion posts we have read that were inaccurate (putting it politely) are below:

  • Opinion 1: Stun Guns don’t work.  
    • FACT:  A legitimate CEW that generates 1+ microcoulombs will deliver more than enough pain to dissuade most assailants from pressing their attack. The vast majority of cheap, inferior stun guns do NOT generate nearly enough power to generate a minimum of 1 microcoulomb. However, you cannot compare a cheap, inferior stun gun with a legitimate CEW!
  • Opinion 2: Pepper Spray works far better than a CEW.  
    • FACT:  While there is no perfect defensive tool, pepper spray can offer distinct advantages under certain circumstances. As an example, deploying a “fogging” pepper spray against multiple assailants may be highly effective.  However, pepper spray also has distinct disadvantages in certain scenarios. A CEW could be a better choice than pepper spray if you were attacked in an elevator, a bathroom stall or your car or perhaps a hallway. If the wind/breeze is blowing in your face, deploying pepper spray against someone may not be ideal.
  • Opinion 3: A firearm is the only thing you should carry for self-defense.  
    • FACT:  We also are big supporters of the 2nd Amendment and believe that the option of carrying a deadly weapon should be available to law-abiding citizens.  However, not everyone can legally carry a gun. Nor is everyone willing to use deadly-force against an assailant.  Being willing to deploy deadly-force is just not something everyone is comfortable with. If you are going to carry a firearm you must also be committed to regular training and range time.  This training should include tactical-shooting instruction as well as weapon-retention techniques. The costs, time commitment, legal and moral ramifications of carrying a firearm are simply more than many (most) are able to meet.
  • Opinion 4: The best answer for self-defense is to take martial arts training at a local dojo.
    • FACT:  Martial Arts instruction from a legitimate instructor is NEVER a bad thing.  You will get in better physical shape. You will build confidence in yourself and you will no doubt learn techniques that may give you the edge in a physical altercation.  Unfortunately, for most martial arts to truly become effective with it requires months if not years of training. We are only aware of one short-duration defensive training program that works.  It is known as W.A.S.P. training taught by KRM-Tactical. []

You Tube B.S.

Don’t misunderstand our position on people posting videos on You Tube.  Not all of them are B.S. Quite the contrary; there is a great deal of good information being disseminated on the internet.  In fact, there are several defensive-tactics instructors we would recommend and endorse as highly qualified. Unfortunately, they are the vast minority of video presenters.

We have seen videos that are not just well-intentioned but worthless… as well as videos that can actually get you into more trouble during an assault.  This is also the case with videos that demonstrate different defensive tools and devices. These defensive-tactics videos run the gambit from legitimate and effective tactics and devices to almost comical yet dangerous advice.

Below are some of the tips we would suggest you keep in mind when evaluating internet based videos for their relevance and legitimacy with regards to self-defense:

  • If they are evaluating CEW’s (Stun Guns) and they do not list or mention the factory generated microcoulombs discharged by the device, then the product is probably not a legitimate CEW.  Cheap, inferior stun gun (toys) will focus on voltage. A legitimate CEW will generate more than 1 microcoulomb and has independently been tested.  If the CEW is being demonstrated on someone, it should remain in contact with them for several seconds….unless the demonstration-target breaks contact. If the device is not generating more than 1 microcoulomb, you will know because of their reaction.
  • If pepper spray is being evaluated, the product should have listed either its Scoville Heat Units (SHU) or its major Capsaicinoid rating and/or its Capsaicinoids percentage of product.  The higher the SHU’s or ratings the better. A really “hot” pepper spray does not need a “dye” to be infused into the product because if it is highly effective, the assailant should remain on the site of the deployment simply because they cannot run.  If the person sprayed is still talking immediately after being doused with the pepper spray…keep looking for another pepper spray.
  • Shooting watermelons, milk jugs or toilet seats will not tell you which firearm caliber is the best choice to use against an assailant trying to kill you.  Shooting targets at 30 yards (for most cases) is not practical. Shooting firearms can be fun and entertaining. Learning to use them as a defensive tool is serious business.  Try and find instructional videos posted by legitimate weapons instructors shooting at legitimate ranges. Most legitimate ranges that allow tactical training at them are very protective of their image and reputation so they will normally “vet” the instructors who use their facilities.
  • Legitimate self-defense instructors that are posting techniques on the internet will generally focus on “soft” targets using gross-motor skills.  This is because most people see their fine-motor skills degraded under extreme physical and emotional stress. A finger to the eye is easier to execute than a jujitsu wrist-lock against a larger, more aggressive opponent.  They are also more likely to incorporate “tools” as equalizers in their training as well. The military hand-to-hand combat instructors old saying, “…elbows over fists and flashlights over skulls,” still holds true. Use an open hand only when you don’t have something to put in it.  Watch for that type of theme in these videos.

Your New Year’s Resolution to Be Safer!

As 2018 winds down and we head into a new year, there are a few things that we can be certain of for the future.  The world seems to be a more dangerous place in many ways. Riots and Antifa Thugs can break out in almost any city with almost no warning.  Mobs and roving “packs” of aggressive hooligans are just looking for excuses to cause mayhem. Seemingly normal people can be “triggered” over the most innocent of infractions turning them into aggressive malcontents willing to throw hot-coffee in your face or kick you in the head.  For these reasons, you need to develop a defensive-mindset.

  • Use the “buddy system” when you travel or shop.  Go in a group. Use the restroom with a partner.
  • Always watch the hands of someone being confrontational with you.  This doesn’t mean you don’t remain alert to their feet, head, eyes or compatriots.  It simply means that a cup of coffee they are holding or their bare hand may be the first weapon they unleash on you.
  • Develop a “warrior’s mindset” that can instantly be activated.  Be prepared to go from 0 – 100 mph is a second if someone attacks you.
  • Choose and carry an “equalizer” defensive tool.  Remember, it doesn’t matter how effective it can be if it is not with you or in your hands when you need it.
  • Ditch the “rules.”  Rules count in board games and sporting events.  NOT in your defensive reaction to an assault. Sometimes that means striking first.

Be safe.  Be smart… and remember, the future of self-defense…is in your hands.