Every once in a while we get a customer who takes the time to send us an email that we feel needs to be shared with our loyal followers.  In this day and age, it is easy for people to “click” on “thumb up,” icons or highlight five stars with their cursor.  However, it is a little unusual when someone will actually invest the time and effort into writing an unsolicited endorsement email.

Lyndi Grossman from Ohio did just that.  She recently started carrying one of our Yellow Jackets on a daily basis.  Now she says that she feels “oddly vulnerable” if she doesn’t have it with her! She has done such a good job of sharing her thoughts with us about carrying her Yellow Jacket, with her permission; we have decided to share her email.

Thank You Yellow Jacket!  You should have invented it sooner!

The Yellow Jacket Phone Case is known to be a revolutionary, convenient device that ensures you are prepared for any situation.  It is everything I could dream of in a self-defense tool and more!

I received my Yellow Jacket as a gift from my Mom.  After seeing so many news stories about sex trafficking, date-rape, kidnapping and murder not only in our hometown, but, unfortunately worldwide, I was ecstatic to receive my Yellow Jacket.

I will admit that at first I was a bit nervous about getting comfortable with it.  I had loads of questions about it.  Fortunately, it came with an amazing guide (Owner’s Manual) that provided easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to safely carry and use the Yellow Jacket case.  Your company truly sets you up for success with your device and it provides everything you could possibly need.  I love that it came with a glass screen protector (mine needed replacing), a built-in backup battery to charge my phone…and of course the discreet personal stun gun concealed within the case!  It was easy to get it set up and to start carrying it.

I cannot even begin to explain how much safer I feel having my Yellow Jacket with me virtually all of the time. I can walk my dogs at night without worry.  I can walk to my car from work and feel secure.  I am able to go with my friends and feel prepared if something were to happen. I feel safe and empowered when it is with me.

I recently took it abroad with me for an 11 day trip to Europe.  It really came in handy when I was out and about and needed to recharge my phone battery without having to deal with those odd European electrical outlets.  When I was riding the subways and trains at night I never felt unsafe with my Yellow Jacket always in my hand when I carried my phone.  No one had any idea that I had a powerful stun gun instantly available if I needed it! The few times I showed it to friends and acquaintances…I could have sold dozens of them if I had them with me! (You should be selling these in Europe!)

This case has been amazing and I can’t see myself without one from now on.  I wish you had invented this sooner!  I proudly give it 5-Starsand HIGHLY recommend it to everyone out there. Everyone, please do yourself a favor and get yourself or those you love a Yellow Jacket!

Thank You Lyndi!

At Yellow Jacket we are always striving to turn out a product our customers can trust.  We like to say that our product can only be outmatched by our Customer Service.  That is a company motto we truly believe in.  We build our Yellow Jackets with the thought process that our own families carry and rely on them.  When we get an email like the one from Lyndi it makes our effort worth it!

Thank you for the kind words and the glowing endorsement regarding your Yellow Jacket Lyndi Grossman. You made our day, and as if you didn’t already know it…remember the future of self-defense…is in your hands young lady!