14.6 MILLION Views…and climbing!

A little over a week ago a consumer based, new-technology website named Cheddar featured the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case as one of the most innovative products it had ever referenced for its followers.  Our company had no idea our product had been chosen by this digital media giant for insertion into its high-tech product listings.

We first found out about Cheddar thinking our product was innovative and unique enough to be included in their postings when our corporate phone began literally “ringing off the hook!”  Then our Facebook page began to blow-up. Next our Yellow Jacket website began to struggle keeping up with inquiries, orders and contact requests! All of these issues are no doubt good problems to have, but we must say it completely caught us off guard.

The positive influx of views, shares, likes and comments has been astounding to the say the least.  Especially when you consider that most of our marketing efforts to date had been organic. While we have been featured on several television shows and in multiple magazines and digital periodicals, we have mostly relied on consumers finding us rather than us aggressively targeting them.

Numbers Don’t Lie…

In less than 10 days, the Yellow Jacket has now been introduced to approximately 15 MILLION people who were never aware of our product previously.  These numbers don’t lie…and we have listed them below:

Cheddar – 10.5 Million views

Viral Trnd – 260,000 views

Bright Side – 2.2 Million views

Geniale Technik – 20,000 views

Impressive Things - 700,000 views

Brainy is the new Sexy – 1 Million Views

We have literally had tens of thousands of positive shares, likes, inquiries as to where our products can be purchased, when will we have new models being released and comments as to just how innovative and positive our product has been received.  For that reason, we would like to thank both the websites that has posted and shared our products with their followers as well as all of the people who have had such positive things to say about our product and our “mission.”

Setting the Record Straight…

One of the most interesting (and frustrating) outcomes associated with millions of new people being exposed to our products are the literally thousands of uninformed comments and assumptions made by people posting on these video blog sites.

We certainly understand that when individuals are exposed to new, cutting-edge technology, this alone can act as an incubator for all types of questions and discussions.  In fact, it is through this community interaction of thoughts and ideas that knowledge can be shared. For that reason, we have attempted to respond to the voluminous number of questions from an educational standpoint.  We thank everyone for their patience and civility through this process. We promise that we have been diligently working to answer your questions.

We have also been astounded at some of the intellectually dishonest comments and questions we have seen posted.  While many are from what the digital media world refers to as “trolls,” some are from people that are apparently not interested in having honest, intellectual discussions about a legitimate CEW/CED. Rather they are preoccupied with simply drawing attention to themselves by pretending to be some type of authority on a product they have never seen, tested or understand.  This is the downside of anonymous, faceless, individuals who patrol the openness of the digital marketplace.

The Questionable Questions…

To be clear, 95% of the questions and comments we have received on the Yellow Jacket have been overwhelmingly positive.  The vast majority of people who have been introduced to our product appreciate a non-lethal, discreet, formidable, self-defense device finally being available that does not require them to carry anything more than they normally would.  When they learn about our Yellow Jacket Defensive App that will call for help and alert people as to where they are under assault….then the Yellow Jacket is referred to as the “first real game changer in the self-defense industry in decades!”

Having said that, let’s address a few of the questionable questions we have fielded over the last week or so.  For many of you these questions will be considered quite juvenile and we have “cleaned up” many of the as well.   We apologize in advance!

  1. Will I shock myself when I make or receive a phone call?  Ans. No.  There are multiple safeties integrated into the design of the Yellow Jacket.  You can safely make and receive phone calls just like you always could.
  2. What keeps my children from being shocked when playing with my phone? Ans. You can unlock and separate your phone from the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case so that it is always under your supervision.
  3. How can something so small generate so much power? Ans. We use a proprietary rechargeable lithium-ion gel cell high-output battery that provides power to our High Voltage Generator (HVG) that then drives the peak discharge current through step-up capacitors to generate what may be the highest level of microcoulombs from a stun gun on the market today.
  4. Will it run my battery down on my phone?  Ans. No.  Our integrated rechargeable lithium-ion gel cell battery will actually act as one of the strongest backup batteries on the market for a cell phone.
  5. Won’t this much power kill someone? Doesn’t a lightning bolt generate 7,000,000 volts? Ans. No.  A CEW or Stun Gun is NON-LETHAL.  A lightning bolt can carry as much as a BILLION Volts!

  1. A stun gun will only make someone laugh or make them mad when you use it on them.  Aren’t stun guns fake? Ans. No. While most stun guns are not very powerful, the Yellow Jacket is one of the most powerful stun guns in the world.  The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) states that while the average stun gun generates less than one half of one microcoulomb, the Yellow Jacket generates over 7 microcoulombs!  The NIJ has stated that anything over 1 microcoulomb will deliver a high enough discharge rate to cause a pain-compliance response against an aggressor!  This puts the sting of the Yellow Jacket at the top of the scale!

Truth be told, the questions above are just a few of the same ones that were submitted literally (as duplicates) thousands of times from all over the world.  Thankfully, they were far exceeded by insightful and thoughtful questions from people who were sincerely interested in this innovative self-defense tool.

Many of the comments and questions we received were from countries that are dealing with major increases in violent crime, sex-trafficking, kidnappings and rape.  We would encourage you to visit some of the aforementioned sites to get a better understanding of just how much interest has been generated in our product, our company and our mission over the last week or so.

We normally like to close our blog by reminding everyone that the Future of self-defense….is in your hands!  However, today we would just like to say thank you to the MILLIONS of people who have shown such great interest in our product and support our efforts to provide innovative, non-lethal, defensive tools to those who would otherwise likely become innocent victims if confronted by an assailant.

Be Safe!