Our Yellow Jacket parent company, Stinger Solutions, is based out of Louisiana with offices and warehousing located in Florida.  Needless to say, while we will never have to contend with snow storms…tropical storms and hurricanes are another story entirely.

You no doubt are aware that just a couple of weeks ago Florida was hammered by a very large category 4/5 storm named Irma.  After crossing over the Florida Keys, the storm made landfall on the southwestern gulf coast around Naples Florida and then moved up the western side of Florida wreaking havoc along the way.

Our warehouses for storing and shipping inventory are located in Clearwater Florida with other management personnel located in the Tampa Bay area.  When the storm finally reached the Tampa bay region, power was lost Sunday evening and in some cases…was not restored until seven (7) days later!

The Newest Survival Tool on the Market!

With no electricity for almost a week, it is quite startling to see how quickly society begins to struggle.  With family members and close friends in Law Enforcement, it wasn’t long before we were hearing stories of isolated looting, car-jackings and frayed tempers at the gas and water lines.

As I write this article I can personally attest to the fact that the Yellow Jacket Backup Battery integrated into our product made a profound difference in the functionality of my mobile phone.  It is one thing to not have your mobile phone powered up to check which movies are playing at your local cinema…or perhaps to listen to music off your play list. 

However, it is another thing entirely to not have your phone functional to check a radar app for updates on wind and rain bands headed towards you… or to be able to communicate with friends and neighbors to see if they are safe.  In the immediate aftermath of the storm passing, to simply find fuel for your vehicles (or a generator) can be quite a challenge.  Apps such as Gas Buddy actually will list which gas stations have fuel and power.

None of these very helpful apps matter though…if your mobile phone is without a charge.

Yellow Jacket to the Rescue!

Having a fully charged backup power bank attached to your mobile phone when you have no way to charge your cell phone is a tremendous advantage.  The extended talk and text time was a game changer for my family.  As you can imagine, during a storm of the magnitude of Irma, family and friends from around the country are continually checking on your safety and well-being.  These good intentions can drain your cell phone battery very quickly.

Most insurance companies will now recommend that before the storm you should film or photograph the exterior and interior of your home as well as valuable possessions and even more mundane ones such as your wardrobe.  This is to help support your insurance claims after the storm is over.  This necessary effort can also tax your phone battery and if you don’t “top-off,” your battery before you lose power…you can again find your mobile phone battery drained.

Wild life, stray dogs and even predators of the two-legged kind can be driven to your home after the storm has passed searching for food and shelter.  While most people who have dealt with a major storm of this kind will stress the need for preparing for both the impact of the storm and its aftermath…many forget to mention that for days or even weeks after…you may find yourself interacting with individuals who may be desperate and even dangerous.

The Bottom Line…

As a member of the Yellow Jacket team, I have always believed in our product.  It is a tremendous self-defense tool as well as a great enhancement for keeping your mobile phone “powered-up.”  However, it wasn’t until Hurricane Irma interrupted the electricity to my home for a week that I really understood just how effective such a device can be.

Whether it was simply ensuring we were able to stay connected with family and friends for days on end or if it was the peace of mind that comes from carrying a 7,000,000 volt stun gun with you at all times while out searching for water or other necessities, my Yellow Jacket was never out of my reach.

Quite honestly, I could have sold 100 of the new advanced Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Cases if I had them with me after Irma passed over us.  If you are someone who is looking for a multi-faceted survival tool that can support your smart-phone for days on end, provide a legitimate self-defense tool that can help keep you safe…and do all of that while remaining discreetly disguised until you need it…then the Yellow Jacket is made for you.

(P.S. – Did I mention it can be used as an emergency fire starter when you need it?  Video soon to follow!)