In many ways, phones have become extensions of our bodies. It follows us wherever we go, as the digital world increasingly becomes a bigger part of our lives. A Yellow Jacket phone case allows you to not only protect your phone, but it also gives you a means of defending yourself. The Yellow Jacket houses a stun gun that can deliver high voltage in case you find yourself in a scary situation where your well-being may be at risk. In addition, an external battery will give your phone an extra charge when you are using your phone on a long day. Simply put, a Yellow Jacket Case will serve a variety of purposes, including giving you peace of mind knowing that you have a means of defense.

How to Carry Your Yellow Jacket Case 

The Yellow Jacket Case is intelligently designed to give you a bunch of perks without any downsides that you might anticipate from carrying a stun gun in your pocket. The fact is that you can carry it in your pocket like you normally would. Be it in your pocket, hand, or purse, you won’t have to worry about being accidentally shocked by a malfunction or accidental application of pressure. With that being stated, it is not a toy and should be handled with caution. General weapon safety rules should apply to carrying and deploying the Yellow Jacket Case’s capabilities. The user is encouraged to keep the Master Arm Switch turned off and/or the Electrode Deployment Switch should remain in the “SAFE” or STANDBY position while it is in your purse or pocket. Ample resources were dedicated to ensuring that this phone case was a safe product. Lastly, the most effective form of safety is education. Parents should not let their kids play with their phone without removing the stun gun portion of the Yellow Jacket Case and educate everyone you live and work with that your case is not a toy.


Yellow Jacket Case

Yellow Jacket Case for Protection and Charge  

A Yellow Jacket case is a non-lethal, low amperage high-voltage defensive weapon that has temporary and not fatal effects. In a defensive situation, that could be the difference between great bodily harm being inflicted upon you and a clean escape. The Yellow Jacket Case offers a way for you to always be ready for bad circumstances to arise, this giving you peace of mind wherever you go. This smartly engineered phone case serves a variety of purposes, and it is a great tool when in the hands of someone who takes the necessary precautions to be sure that it is used appropriately!