This Christmas when it is time to start looking for the right present for your loved ones, there are different considerations for the type of gift that may appeal to different people. Some people are looking for gifts that will entertain while others are interested in making a fashion statement.

It’s true that self-protection may not always be first on our mind when it comes to taking care of ourselves…even when it should be. However, when we are thinking about our wives, girlfriends, sons or daughters, we seem to always be thinking about their safety.

Perhaps this Christmas you can get them a fashionable present that will extend their phone’s entertainment capabilities….while also helping to provide them the needed personal security that is always on your mind as a parent, spouse or boyfriend.

THE phone Case…

It seems like everyone that sees the new Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case has a similar reaction. The quality, innovation and advanced engineering evident in the design cause people to liken it to some futuristic product seen in sci-fi movies from the future! Whether it is the state-of-the-art back-up battery integrated into the Yellow Jacket or the stylish colors integrated into the case…the Yellow Jacket will impress everyone that sees it.

Today’s phones (and the apps they run) require more battery power to run them. It is common to see people about in public with power-banks plugged into their phones or their phones “tethered” to an electric outlet in a restaurant or store. So much for the freedom and mobility the new phones are supposed to bring to us!

One of the highlights of the Yellow Jacket phone Stun Gun Case is that it offers one of the most advanced integrated battery back-up power-banks available today. It is unparalleled in the amount of available back-up battery power it can provide to today’s power-hungry phones!

TOUGH….and good looking!

The Yellow Jacket is manufactured out of advanced high-impact polymers that can help to absorb the shock of dropping your phone on the hardest of surfaces. Once you have attached our tempered-glass screen saver…you have taken every precaution possible to help protect your phone from daily wear and tear.

When you visit our website you will see the multiple stylish colors the Yellow Jacket is available in…because we understand that being TOUGH is not enough. We have done extensive research to see what the most popular colors are today for phone protective cases. Based on those findings we are proud to offer a myriad of colors to fit your lifestyle.

Santa’s Stocking SHOCKER…

This Christmas morning let Santa set the standard high when it comes to providing a one-of-a-kind…gift from the future that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, provide unparalleled back-up battery support and provide the peace of mind that only a premium grade self-defense tool is capable of.

The world’s most advanced Stun Gun is the Yellow Jacket. The confidence and security it will provide both your loved one as well as you is nothing short of shocking. Visit to learn more about our amazing product. Remember, you will have to place your order soon if you want to make sure Santa can get it in your stocking before Christmas morning!

We now have Yellow Jacket stun gun cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 7/7s, and iPhone 8, and are developing cases for the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X. Make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date.