Even though our parent company Stinger Solutions had a fantastic year in 2017 introducing our Iphone 6/6S and Iphone 7/7S and 8 model Yellow Jacket Stun Gun cases….we are not sitting on our laurels! You can be sure that we have a great many new products launching in 2018!

If we learned anything from our success of last year, it is that our product is in even more demand than anticipated. As you may imagine, our design and engineering team has been developing new models that will be released over the next several months to meet the demands of our ever growing customer base.

8 + 10 = The Future

Over the next several months Stinger Solutions shall be introducing several new models of our patented Yellow Jacket Stun Gun case. Based on the latest mobile phones to hit the market, we have chosen the following model cases to be released for 2018 at this time:

  • Iphone X (10)
  • Iphone 8 PLUS
  • Samsung Galaxy Models

Once these three newest model cases have been released, we will have essentially covered the entire Apple line of mobile phone products as well as the latest and best selling Samsung mobile phone! We have listened to your requests for additional model Yellow Jackets and we are working to provide them in the very near future.

As a company, Stinger Solutions is committed to staying abreast of the latest mobile phone model designs as they come to market. As the average life span of a phone model is about 21 months in the U.S., it is incumbent upon us to constantly be working to upgrade our own designs to ensure we are producing a Yellow Jacket case to “fit” each new generation of Smartphone’s that enter the market place.

YJ Personal Defense App

It is not our goal to simply continue churning out new model Yellow Jackets to coincide with new model phone’s. We are also working to increase both our power output as well as integrate even more technology into our designs.

Our latest models have incorporated Bluetooth technology into them. This is so the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Cases will support a proprietary personal defense phone application. This personal security game-changing phone app is in final development at this time. It will soon be in its Beta Testing phase with our goal of releasing it in the next few months.

This application will automatically notify individuals you have pre-selected in your phone contact list as well as summon help when your Yellow Jacket has been deployed and discharged. This is just another example of how Stinger Solutions is at the forefront of personal protection technology! In the coming months we will release more details about this revolutionary new proprietary integration of technology into our Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Cases.

Vespula Spp.

The justly feared Yellow Jacket is a wasp with a sting so painful that when sighted, it literally sends people briskly in the opposite direction! The Yellow Jacket can sting repeatedly and painfully and is feared by even animals and other insects. Interestingly, it is the female of the species that are capable of delivering the painful sting.

Now you know why we chose the name Yellow Jacket for our stun gun cases with backup battery! While it is true that our phone cases provide the most powerful backup batteries that can be used to charge your Smartphone… it is equally true that our goal was to provide a discreet yet powerful defensive tool that would always be close at hand.

2018 is indeed going to be a tremendous year for the Yellow Jacket. Don’t put off another day ordering your Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case. Remember….the future of self-defense is in your hands!