Having instructed literally thousands of students in the Art of Defensive Firearms…I have come to several conclusions over the last two decades. Some of these thoughts have been proven under the stress of actual defensive combat by people much smarter and more skilled than me. This article shall focus on how the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case could be a great augmentation for those who are skilled in the “way of the gun.”

As I have always stressed to students in my classes, a firearm is just a tool…YOU are the weapon. Having said that, it is important that if you carry a deadly weapon, you have the intellectual capacity to know when and how to use it and the ability to mitigate the encounter to a less than lethal outcome if at all possible.

An accepted “working theory,” with regards to legally carrying a concealed firearm is that any assault can escalate into a potentially life-threatening one if the assailant discovers the legally concealed firearm and attempts to take control of it.

In other words, if someone carrying a concealed weapon finds themselves about to be overwhelmed in a physical altercation…a reasonable fear could be that if they become incapacitated by the assailant, their weapon may be taken and used against them.

Escalation of Force Matrix

If you are going to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense, you should consider carrying other non-lethal tools that can be deployed during lower-level (violent) assaults. As an example, it would be unreasonable to draw a firearm if someone starts a “shoving match,” in a restaurant. In that instance, it would be wise to have a non-lethal defensive tool that could be deployed to dissuade and/or de-escalate a physical confrontation.

Law Enforcement works under the concept of the “…continuum of force matrix.” This means that depending on the level of force necessary to subdue a suspect, an officer may initially respond by using physical techniques then ratcheting up the response to the deployment of chemical agents (pepper spray) and/or a TASER®. If the altercation continues to escalate or the suspect resorts to a lethal weapon such as a club, edged weapon or firearm…then the officer can at any time “skip” steps in the use-of-force matrix and also deploy deadly force.

If you legally carry a firearm, you may also want to consider having non-lethal defensive tools available for deployment in apparent non-lethal confrontations. While Batman carried a utility belt loaded with various non-lethal tools, let’s face it…you’re not the caped crusader. For that reason, it may be impractical for you to carry multiple tools that may be found on a duty belt.



Yellow Jacket…always there

If you carry a firearm and you are not trained in “weapon retention” techniques to insure you are able to keep your weapon under your control in a violent confrontation, then you may want to consider the effectiveness of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case for weapon retention.

Using a high-performance stun gun against someone who is trying to unholster your firearm can be a very effective retention technique. It also provides you an optional defensive tool that may be preferable to brandishing a firearm in a non-life-threatening altercation. Finally, many courts will view favorably a defensive action that reflects an appropriate escalation of force advancement from non-lethal to lethal defensive actions… if it comes to that.

As you can see, the Yellow Jacket is not only an excellent defensive tool for individuals who have no desire to carry a firearm….but, it is an excellent defensive tool for those who do legally carry a firearm. However, it is important to always remember that whether it is a stun gun or a firearm, they are only tools. YOU are the weapon!

Please Note: Nothing is the article is to be misconstrued as legal advice or an interpretation on how any legal proceeding or court may review your actions resulting from a self-defense situation or physical confrontation regardless of the outcome of such a situation you may find yourself in.