(Microcoulombs vs. Voltage)

It seems like every day a new video by a self-appointed “professional” comes out on You Tube discussing the performance attributes of a stun gun. These self-defense “experts,” then proceed to take turns shocking themselves on camera. Obviously, this is done to try and gin up extra “views, likes and shares,” for their You Tube Channel. However, it does very little to actually address the true performance of a legitimate Conducted Energy Weapon.

In this article we are going to cover some of the basics of a Conducted Energy Weapon (Stun Gun) and why a legitimate CEW can be very effective in providing non-lethal defensive capabilities for the user. Having said that, the first thing we have to do is stop thinking in terms of voltage.

Pain Inducing Microcoulombs

Voltage is not an accurate indicator as to the pain inducing power of a stun gun. The best indicator of how effective a stun gun will be as a deterrent against an attacker is based on the strength of the “delivered charge,” it can generate. The amount of a delivered charge that can generate electro-neuromuscular stimulation is measured in coulombs or microcoulombs. A Microcoulomb is the measurement of electrical charge…which is current x time. It is accepted science that one (1) microcoulomb will deliver “intolerable pain,” to the average person.

The higher the level of microcoulombs delivered to human flesh the more painful the electrical discharge is. Independent laboratory testing has confirmed that the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case will generate at least 6.0 – 7.0 microcoulombs. To help better explain the relationship between electrical current, voltage and charge, it may help to think of electricity as a water pipe.

The current is the amount of water in the pipe and would be measured in amperage. The voltage would equate to the water pressure in the pipe and is measured in volts. In this analogy, the charge is represented by the quantity of water that is flowing through the pipe and is measured in microcoulombs. This water pipe analogy is commonly used throughout the stun gun industry, including by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) in explaining the effectiveness of CEW’s.

Imagine a water pipe in your home. If you set the water pressure (voltage) to the highest possible setting by fully opening the valve, this means nothing if no water is in the pipe (current). To carry or deliver the quantity of water (charge) to the spigot the valve must be open and water must be available in the pipe. Hence, the greater the quantity of water (charge)…the wetter you will get if you are under the spigot (the more pain you will feel!)

As explained by electrical engineering experts, voltage may “open the door,” or create the path for a charge to pass through, but it doesn’t cause any pain on its own. If it is not coupled with a significant charge…it won’t hurt.

Make The Fillings in their Teeth Hurt!

Now that we have a better understanding of microcoulombs and why that measurement is the most important one when evaluating Stun Guns (CEW’s)… let’s get back to the You Tube videos of people shocking themselves. There are several points you should consider when watching those videos.

  • The majority of the time, the individual being shocked only remains in contact with the stun gun for a second or two.
  • Most times, they are not applying the discharge to a location on the body that would be a target area under a defensive application.
  • If the person is being shocked with even a minimally effective stun gun (producing at least 1 microcoulomb) they almost always jump away from the stun gun.

Remember, a stun gun is not designed to “knock someone off their feet.” It is designed to make them let go of you and/or cause them to try and get away from the severe pain a high microcoulomb Conducted Energy Weapon can generate. It is designed to deliver a level of intolerable pain that makes them want to cease their attack. This creates an opening for the defender to escape the assailant.

Contrary to what you may see in these amateurish videos, when you discharge a CEW against an antagonist, you want to apply it to soft targets like the face, neck, stomach and groin if possible. Once you discharge the stun gun, keep discharging it while remaining in contact with the target for as long as you can. As they move back from it….continue to remain in contact while continuing to shock them. Remember, you will not hear the loud crackling of the electrical discharge if you have a good contact with the target!

The Future of Self-Defense…

Professional self-defense instructors generally agree on certain accepted principles. A defensive tool is only effective if it is with you when you need it. Pain compliance is highly subjective and can be mitigated by several things including the mental and psychological makeup of the assailant and if they are under the effects of drugs. Expect the unexpected. Always be prepared.

The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case may be the perfect defensive tool. It is highly effective and generates an intolerable level of pain yet is completely non-lethal. It is attached to something most people always have in their possession so it should always be at hand. It therefore does not require you to carry an additional device. If you have your phone with you…you will have your Yellow Jacket with you!

The Yellow Jacket has been called one of the most “evolved” and high-tech defensive tools on the market today. It is both intuitive and convenient by design. So the next time someone asks you “how many volts your Yellow Jacket generates…ask them if they ever heard of a microcoulomb?!”