It is hard to turn on the news anymore and nothear about someone who was assaulted, raped or murdered in our local communities.  The media and criminologists will try and explain a multitude of reasons why these senseless attacks take place.

They will talk about the root-cause of these crimes in terms of socio-economic injustices, mental health issues and other unfortunate triggers that resulted in these brutal outcomes.  The bottom line is…the victim of such an unwarranted attack doesn’t care why they were targeted.

As crime statistics are continually updated, it becomes more and more obvious that if you are targeted for a violent assault, fighting back may be your best course of action.  There is an old adage in law enforcement that says if a thief wants your watch or money…they don’t need to take you somewhere more “private” and out-of-the-way to take those things.  If they need more privacy…it is probably not for a simple theft.

Bruised Knuckle Life Lessons…

There are lessons that can be learned from understanding how other people survived such violent encounters. Sometimes, we can learn more from a strangers experience than from our own.  Below are just a few of many examples of individuals who were forced to act when violence was thrust upon them.  We believe these cases are compelling evidence that a forceful response to an attack may be your best bet.

58- Year Old Woman Fights Off Rapist with a Pen

In 2007, a 58 year old woman was praying in a chapel when a male suspect attempted to force himself on her.  She had been taking notes in a journal with a pen when her attacker attempted to rape her.  With no hesitation, she immediately began screaming and stabbed the man in the neck several times with the pen.  Her attacker quickly retreated and was later apprehended at a local hospital.  Lesson Learned:  You don’t need formal training to defend yourself, just the natural instinct to survive.

A Glance and a Block

In March 2016 Elizabeth arrived at her place of work in San Francisco.  As she approached the entrance to her building, a man asked her for money.  She shook her head “no,” as she began to enter the access code in the outside door keypad.  Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of his fist drawing back as though he was going to punch her in the face.  She immediately turned towards him and quickly raised her forearms to block his punch, while shouting “STOP!”  In her one hand was her briefcase.  When he started to punch her again, she again responded with the same movement and shouted command.  At that point, he stumbled away while some passing women called out if she needed help?! She asked them to call the police and then entered the safety of her building. Lesson Learned:  Don’t freeze up and do nothing.  Get angry that someone would choose to hurt you.  Let that angry fuel your response both physically and verbally.

His Mistake…My Blind Luck

One October 2008 evening in Jacksonville a 34 year old woman was getting into her car after grocery shopping.  It was around 8 p.m. so it was already dark in the parking lot when a man attacked her from behind and forced both himself and her into the car. He jammed himself into the driver’s seat with the victim and started trying to push her over into the passenger seat.  He began pulling her hair and shouting at her to move over as he punched her in the back. She fought back as hard as she could, yelling, shoving him backwards, honking the horn and anything else she could think of.  At one point, he pushed her so hard that she bent over and saw her stun gun that had been lost in her car for days lying on the passenger floor mat.  She grabbed it and turned towards him shoving it in his face while continuously discharging it. While she wasn’t even sure she ever even made contact in his face with the weapon, she heard him scream out as he rolled backwards out of the car onto the parking lot.  He immediately jumped up and took off running where he jumped into a truck with another guy and sped away.  The intended victim slammed her door shut and locked it.  She was uninjured other than bumps and bruises. The attackers were never caught.  Lesson Learned:  Be aware of your surroundings at all time.  Keep your defensive tools close at hand and NEVER STOP FIGHTING.  You may get hurt but your goal is to SURVIVE.

You Can Lose the Battle but Win the Fight!

The three above stories are examples of women being targeted by assailants in a Church, a place of business during the morning hours and at night in a parking lot.  The common denominator in all three of these stories is a willingness to fight back with a strong sense of survival.

Whether you try to depend on your wits, an impromptu weapon or a formidable self-defense tool it is important that you are committed to your response.  You cannot give in to the thug that targets you.  You may be bruised and injured but your goal is to survive.

 Remember….you are worth the effort!   Consider your options.  Consider your objective.  Consider the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stung Gun Case.