Most of us walk around with blinders on, oblivious to the challenges our environment may pose for those of us with special needs.  Confronting stairs when you are unable to walk unassisted or perhaps not at all, is a prime example of what millions of Americans endure on a daily basis. Nearly 1 in 5 people in the U.S. have a disability according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Unfortunately, many people with some form of physical disability find themselves targeted by criminals at a disproportionately higher percentage than those without a physical infirmity.  These criminals take advantage of the physical disparity they hold over someone who is not ambulatory, hearing or eyesight impaired or in a wheel chair. 

The question for these people becomes, is there a tool or device that can help compensate for the physical disadvantage they may face when confronted or assaulted by an aggressive antagonist?    Will they remember to take it with them in the course of their busy day?  Will this weapon be discreet yet formidable enough to be effectively deployed at a moment’s notice?

Independent & Empowered…

If you know someone who has a physical disability (and you probably do) you will attest that they are fiercely independent.  They prefer to rely on themselves whenever possible.  Simple things that we take for granted like using an escalator, taking the bus, cooking for themselves or simply getting the mail at the mailbox are all activities that require a great deal of effort.  Imagine…defending oneself from a physical assault or even an attack from a vicious dog when you can’t run, are vision impaired or if you are confined to a wheel chair. 

An already horrific experience for any of us is multiplied due to the additional physical challenges a special needs person may have to overcome to defend themselves.  In addition, many of the standard defensive tools/ weapons available today are just not practical for people with certain physical disabilities to effectively deploy.  In order for someone with special needs to feel truly empowered… they must be able to rely on equipment that is effective, reliable, intuitive and formidable as a defensive tool.

Why the Yellow Jacket?

Let’s consider the various defensive products on the market today regarding their effectiveness and practical applications for someone who may have a physical impairment.  For instance, if someone is unable to effectively aim pepper spray or a TASER® at a target due to impaired vision or perhaps the neuromuscular tremors associated with Parkinson’s then those products may not be able to be effectively deployed.

These products also have other limitations when it comes to deploying them at extremely close range such as in elevators, bathrooms or inside a vehicle, hence they again may not be the right choice.  Impact and manipulation tools like a Kubaton or expandable baton require a degree of strength, dexterity and ambulatory function…not to mention a high degree of technical proficiency.  Firearms and knives offer the same limitations as other defensive tools that must be accurately aimed or properly handled under stress.  Of course, any time you are carrying and/or deploying potentially deadly weapons other issues come into play such as jurisdictional licensing or weapon prohibitions.

The non-lethal Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case could be the best overall defensive tool ever devised for people with various physical limitations. First, it is a contact weapon.  This means that while it can be deployed and discharged in the air as a warning to an attacker, its functionality requires it to be touching the assailant.  It does not have to be “aimed” at an assailant but only come into contact with them.

It also means that anyone with a visual impairment  can apply the device by feel.  Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. The physiological, biomechanical and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement are how we know that someone is touching us on our arm, as an example.  Hence, the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun can easily be applied to their arm without us even seeing them.  Since any electrical discharge directed into them from the Yellow Jacket, will not affect the user, it can safely be deployed in a contact position.

Unlike pepper spray, there is no “blow-back” due to wind or the target “blocking” it and causing a deflection of the spray back onto the user.  The Yellow Jacket can be deployed in extreme close quarters such as in an elevator, a vehicle or a bathroom.  Since it is discreetly concealed in your phone case, it is always with you and ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice, and by design is ambidextrous so it can be operated with either hand.

Yellow Jacket Game Changers…

The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun runs off of its own internal high-capacity Lithium-Ion Gel Cell battery. This means it will never draw down your phone battery and in fact, acts as the most powerful backup charging device for your phone on the market today!  Now you won’t have to worry about running down your phone battery if you rely on specific phone applications through the course of your day.

Speaking of phone applications, we are about to release our own proprietary phone application in the near future.  This Yellow Jacket App will make our already amazing device even more effective.  This new app will video record for evidentiary purposes your antagonist when you extend your Stun Gun electrodes and then if you are forced to discharge your unit it will reach out for help to your most trusted contacts, let them know you need immediate help and where you are! Watch for more information about our new YJ App in the near future.

We believe the Yellow Jacket should not discriminate when it comes to those that may rely on it for their safety.  That is why we have always kept in mind special needs criteria with each engineering step we have taken in its development.  We are proud to offer a Conducted Energy Device that will support an individual’s independence and enhance their feeling of empowerment so they can feel confident and comfortable in today’s uncertain world.  Feel free to contact us today to find out if our product can meet your specific needs.  Remember, the future of self-defense…is in your hands!