Now you can have both!

Unfortunately, we live in a world where “convenience” seems to take precedence over everything else.  Amazingly, some people will still choose to not wear a seatbelt when they travel in a vehicle because it can wrinkle their clothing or it is a “pain” to engage. What if a technology existed that informed the passenger in a motor vehicle that they needed to put on their seatbelt because an accident was “imminent?” That would be a game-changer no doubt.

Alas, such a foretelling technology doesn’t yet exist.  It is precisely because we never know when an accident may occur that we need to wear our seatbelts every time we ride in a vehicle.  The bottom line is because none of us are able to foretell the future…we need to be prepared all of the time for certain occurrences.  This means we wear our seatbelts anytime we travel in a car; we always keep life jackets handy when in a boat, we lock our doors at night (just in case someone chooses our home to enter uninvited) and we try and keep our phones topped-off in case we need a full battery.

The question becomes, which is more important…convenience or safety?  As long as we have no fear of something negatively affecting us the safe bet is most people will choose convenience.  However, if we have any indication that we are at undue risk…safety takes precedence.  Consider when you ride in a bus or taxi driven by a competent and professional driver at low to moderate speeds.  Most people will opt for not using their seatbelt.  However, if you find yourself the passenger in a car with someone who demonstrates poor and erratic driving skills…most of us are clamoring for the seatbelt!  While this may make some type of sense to us in a weird sort of way…it really is not logical.

What makes the aforementioned example illogical?  Simple. Our decision on whether to wear a seatbelt is based solely on what is going on in the vehicle we are occupants of.  If we are with a good driver in a safe vehicle, we may skip the engagement of a seatbelt. What we overlook though is the cars around us.  What if a car traveling towards us is driven by an erratic or impaired driver? We have no knowledge of that danger hurtling towards us until it is too late.

Convenience could be the Death of Us…

If we choose to make decisions based solely on convenience instead of safety, then we are tempting fate when the risk is focused on us.  Wearing a lifejacket is uncomfortable, restrictive, hot and inconvenient….unless the boat we are in is sinking.  A bullet resistant vest is uncomfortable, restrictive, hot, cumbersome, heavy and inconvenient for a Law Enforcement Officer to wear…unless they are being shot at.  Keeping fresh batteries for a flashlight in your home is hard to remember, expensive and inconvenient to shop for….unless you know the power will go out tonight in your home.

The same could be said for carrying self-defense tools.  They can be cumbersome, heavy, uncomfortable, and inconvenient…unless you find yourself being assaulted by some lunatic in the middle of the night when no one is able to help you!  As any self-defense instructor will tell you, life is about choices. When you get to the end of a street you are walking on, you have the option of turning left or right.

Turning left may take you to a well lighted, safe and secure place where no harm will come to you.  Turning right however, may lead to a potentially deadly encounter with an assailant that was simply waiting for the next innocent victim to stroll by.  The choices we make can decide whether we are able to survive a violent encounter or succumb to one. The next time you decide on whether to carry a formidable and intuitive defensive tool don’t make that decision based on convenience.  Make it based on what will keep you safe. Remember remaining safe may not always equate to what is convenient.

NOW…you don’t have to compromise

Right now as you read this, your mobile phone is near you.  If it is not, you know exactly where it is. If you are one of the 2% that those previous statements don’t apply to you are either now thinking about where your mobile phone is…or you are a statistical aberration and just… don’t… care.

Most people equate their mobile phone with convenience.  Their Smartphone can provide them weather updates, shopping options, directions, communication, health updates, etc., all from the convenience of the Smartphone in their hand.  Once they secure their Smartphone in a Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case, they now have a convenient, formidable yet discreet defensive tool that is close at hand in case they make the wrong turn somewhere.

For the first time in the modern history of defensive tools, a device has been invented that does not require you to remember an additional device.  Once the Yellow Jacket is mated with your Smartphone it becomes second nature to always have a discreet, formidable and effective Conductive Energy Weapon (CEW) close at hand.  

Now you don’t have an excuse to NOT carry a means to defend yourself.  The catch phrase is no longer “convenience vs. safety.” Now, a better description is convenience AND safety!  As we like to say, remember, the future of self-defense…is conveniently in your hands!