There are a few “absolutes” that occur during an assault.  You should expect that you will encounter these tactics when you are the target of an attack.   The brief list of ten (10) concepts below should be considered by anyone who does not want to be a victim of a violent crime…or if they want to increase their chances of surviving such an attack.  In short, consider your options.

  • Your attacker(‘s) will almost surely be larger and/or more powerfully built than you.
  • They may well out number you.
  • They will exhibit a far greater degree of aggression (overt or controlled) than you may be able to muster without much practice.
  • If you are female, they will most likely be unarmed.
  • If you are female, the assault will most likely come from behind.
  • Fighting back will statistically result in a greater chance of survival from the assault.
  • 90% of the time, the victim was unaware the attack was coming due to distractions.
  • The majority of assaults occur either at night and/or in secluded areas.
  • Responding to an assault with some type of weapon or defensive tool dramatically increases your chances of surviving and/or escaping the attack.
  • Statistically, if you do not have a defensive tool or weapon in your hand at the time of the attack, you will not be able to use it.

The Ostrich Effect…

Unfortunately, the most common self-defense” technique used by many people today is something referred to by law enforcement professionals as the “Ostrich Effect.”  This is a common condition of literally believing that either nothing bad will ever happen to you or the misguided belief that “no one lives forever,” so why bother thinking about the unthinkable.

While it is true that eventually we all die.  It is also true that there can be things worse than death in this world.  All one has to do is listen to a young woman who escaped from a sex trafficking ring or read the story of someone who suffered a permanent traumatic brain injury due to a violent assault to learn that life can cease as we know it, while the body still breathes.

This article is not an attempt to scare someone but to simply motivate you to use the most effective defensive tool in your arsenal.  Your brain.  Other than items number one and two in the above list, by simply pulling your head out of the sand and taking a few decisive actions…you can ensure 8 out 10 of the items listed above are in your favor. 

Contact Tactics…

This week we were contacted by a man who owns an HVAC company.  He mentioned that many times he is carrying large amounts of cash on him. Sometimes this is how a customer may pay him for a job.  He said that until he arrives at his bank to make a deposit he is a nervous wreck.  He mentioned that he finds himself being much more observant of what is going on around him and who may be watching him under these circumstances.

He went on to say that it is times like those he is grateful he has his Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case with him.  However, the real point is that we should all be more observant and pay attention to who is watching us…all the time.  That being said, it is human nature for us to get caught up in our own distractions.  People bump into street lamps and other people now while walking because they are focused on texting.  We can get caught up in our own thoughts while standing on a subway or in an elevator and not notice we are the focus of someone else’s attention.

Remember, being in “contact” with a potential assailant doesn’t necessarily mean that you are physically touching them.  Contact tactics can also refer to being in close proximity to someone who you need to assert a defensive posture against.

Contact tactics can be as simple as locking your car door immediately upon entering your vehicle because you notice someone is approaching you.  It could mean stepping into a store where people are because you feel like someone is getting too close to you on the sidewalk.  It could mean discreetly extending the electrodes of your Yellow Jacket in preparation of having to deploy your stun gun in a parking garage because someone you don’t know is walking up to you.

In short, contact tactics are the steps you take in the moments leading up to a possible confrontation…right through the actual physical assault itself.  Ideally, you are aware of your surroundings.  You have not knowingly entered a secluded area. You are not unarmed.  Your defensive tool is in your hand and you are committed to a warrior’s mindset so you will not quit or give in if an assault does take place.

Self-Defense Means Precisely that!

If you accept the premise of self-defense being a viable alternative to the “Ostrich Effect,” then you must also understand that it is based on you being self-sufficient in this regard.  It takes no additional effort to walk with a purpose, keep your eyes up and your head on a swivel with a reliable and formidable defensive tool discreetly at hand than it does to walk in a distracted manner, eyes down with your mind wandering over grocery lists and business deadlines.

Engage the most powerful weapon in your arsenal when you are not securely tucked into your castle.  Keep your mind clear and your brain active when it comes to considering your contact tactics.  Remember…you may not have an option until it is too late.