What is the hottest and newest accessory that is being carried by experienced motorcycle riders around the country?  The Yellow Jacket of course!

Now more than ever motorcyclists must constantly be vigilant regarding their personal safety on the road.  Riders can’t securely carry much on their person other than perhaps a wallet and their phone.  Storage space on a bike is at a premium. 

At best, saddle bags or tank bags and sometimes only a small space under your saddle is all you have to work with.  For that reason, today’s cyclists are truly the 21st centuries “steel cowboys,” of the open road.

Not everyone you meet is an Easy Rider…

Ron Galletti, Founder and Publisher of the nationally known monthly publication Born To Ride, is one of the few insiders who has his finger on the pulse of the riding community.  Mr. Galletti is someone who is constantly on the lookout for the newest and most innovative products that will best serve the motorcycle fraternity.

Some time ago, Mr. Galletti discovered the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case and immediately recognized that it was the perfect device to be carried by riders with their smart phones.  He was amazed that it would not only provide a backup battery doubling their talk time (as well as increase how long they can use their GPS, Route Guidance and their music playlists) but it discreetly carried a 7,000,000+ volt, advanced technology stun gun!

Galletti stated, “…in this day and age a lot of riders feel a bit exposed when they stop at an intersection or for gas.  Not everyone you meet on the road is your friend anymore so to have a self-defense tool with you at all times can literally be a life-saver!”  

The #1 Motorcycle-Lifestyle magazine in North America!

Mr. Galletti was so impressed with the product; he decided to do a feature article on the Yellow Jacket to be published in the August 2017 edition of the publication Born To Ride.  As Galletti put it, “…the Yellow Jacket is a game changer!” 

To read the article about our amazing Yellow Jacket product, you can visit the link at http://borntoride.com/born-to-ride-florida-issues/ for the Florida publications and at http://borntoride.com/born-to-ride-georgia-magazine-issues/ for publications in Georgia.

Born To Ride magazine is an iconic periodical that features great writing, timely industry insider scoops and some of the best photography of the motorcycling lifestyle that can be found.  You will find fascinating interviews with “A-list” actors, top custom chopper builders and music icons.

Whether you ride a crotch-rocket or a low-rider chances are you are addicted to Born To Ride. Heck, they even have their own television show and theme song! 

Check them out at www.borntoride.com