Over the last several months we have discussed how innovative, effective and safe the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is. No doubt the patented Yellow Jacket is unique. It is also a very discreet defensive tool that will be with you as often as your mobile phone is. However, we have yet to discuss just how cool the Yellow Jacket is. As one of our satisfied customers said to us, “…the Yellow Jacket is 007 cool!”

If you have ever watched a James Bond spy thriller you are already aware that Agent 007 carries some of the coolest, high-tech tools ever designed. The British Secret Service Agent drives only the hottest cars; wear’s the finest tailored clothing and of course has an arsenal sneaky weapons and tools. It only stands to reason he would be a fan of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case!

Q Branch…

Of course Q Branch is the research and development division of his Majesties Secret Service. Obviously, the Yellow Jacket looks like something that “Q” would have invented for 007 to carry while in the field. In fact, don’t be surprised if you actually see the Yellow Jacket in an upcoming James Bond movie… or could that be a movie in the Kingsman’s franchise?!

It is important to remember that cool…doesn’t always translate into functional. However, in the case of the patented Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case….cool absolutely translates into functional, effective and safe! Let’s consider some of the performance points that the Yellow Jacket is capable of that would make “Q Branch” proud.

  • The integrated back-up battery in the Yellow Jacket can provide a full charge for your phone when it is dead….or keep it running when your apps are draining your battery during the day.
  • It houses a discreetly integrated powerful stun gun that discharges an ultra-high microcoulomb electrical discharge to protect you during an assault.
  • It is manufactured with the latest space-aged materials to protect not only you…but your phone too from bumps and drops.
  • One handed, ambidextrous activation of the stun gun is standard on all Yellow Jacket models.
  • The case is of a binary design so the stun gun can be separated from the mobile phone by activating a single switch in case you need to share your phone. Yet it also allows the stun gun to remain fully functional and at your disposal to protect you.
  • A proprietary phone app will be available for download that allows your Yellow Jacket to communicate with your phone to record an assault and notify close contacts and emergency responders when you discharge your Yellow Jacket in a self-defense situation.



Science Fiction…has finally become Science Fact!

Every day we have someone tell us that they can’t believe a device like the Yellow Jacket actually exists. The more they learn about our patented product and all of its features and capabilities the more they think it is a device that should be featured in a movie!

Without a doubt the Yellow Jacket is unlike any other Conducted Energy Weapon manufactured before. It is sleek and modern looking while also very robust and made of the highest quality components. We have not taken any shortcuts in the research and development of the Yellow Jacket. We build it like (and because) our own families carry it!

So the next time you watch 007 (or a Kingsman) pull their cell phone out to make a call…you may want to pay close attention to see if their phone is just a phone….or if it has the STING of a high-tech conducted energy weapon discreetly held at the ready! After all, the Yellow Jacket is 007 cool!