According to the FBI, as reported in the Uniform Crime Report, during the traditional Holiday Season in the United States… crime will escalate. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s...robberies, home-invasions, burglaries, assaults and other violent crimes will increase. This is a historical fact that should not be ignored.

What is the cause of such a trend during a season that should be joyous? Law-Enforcement identifies numerous reasons for the increase in these criminal actions;

  • Shoppers carry additional money on them during the prime shopping season resulting in more

strong-arm robberies and crimes of opportunity.

  • Homes have the additional lure of packages and presents…many times stored in plain sight resulting in an up-tick in home-invasions and burglaries.
  • With celebrations and parties in full-swing, more people are involved in social events that result in them “…letting their guard down,” while traveling in areas they may not be familiar with.
  • For many, the Holidays can be a stressful and depressing time thus resulting in greater strife and aggressive interactions between people.

One needs only to watch the news or monitor the various social media sites to witness people fighting in retail stores over sales and limited-quantity discounted products or irrationally attacking each other over a parking space at the mall to know that not everyone carries the Christmas spirit!

Carry the Yellow Jacket Cause’ Not Everyone Carries Good Will!

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Beware the Christmas Grinch…and dark parking lots

As we go about this Holiday Season it is important that we keep in mind that our greatest defensive tool is our brain. Don’t go out disarmed by leaving your wits at home. Remain alert and aware of your surroundings. Don’t “flash” large amounts of cash when out in public. Shop or travel in groups and avoid areas you are not familiar with.

Above all else keep your Phone close at hand to call for help if you spot trouble. To ensure your phone stays charged and you remain safe…make sure it is attached to the Yellow Jacket Phone Stun Gun Case.

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