As the French would say…
En Garde!


After over a year of dealing with this horrific pandemic, it finally appears that the country is clawing its way back to some level of normalcy. While rules for socializing still vary a great deal depending on what part of the US you live in…overall things are getting better.

Yes, it may be some time before our children are back in school sans masks or before we can board a commercial aircraft without being threatened with Federal Incarceration for eating peanuts one-at-a-time without a mouth covering. Still, conventional wisdom indicates we have turned the corner of a national recovery from COVID.

However, it is important to remember that like that first day at the beach after a long, cold winter…we will need to reacclimate to the waves and undertow. Any professional Lifeguard will tell you to ease back into your swimming routine. You are out of practice so do not get yourself in trouble. That is sound advice for re-entering society post-COVID as well!

Careful with the Window Shopping…

If Law Enforcement professionals could offer one piece of advice to tourists visiting a major city, it would likely be, “Don’t get so caught up in looking at the splendor of the city streets that you overlook the dangers in the alleyways!” Unfortunately, while you may be gazing into the front window of a chic boutique…some one with nefarious intent may be gazing at you.

While such advice is more akin to common sense to most people, due to post-COVID lockdowns we are all likely out-of-practice remaining alert and attentive while out and abought. It is easy to lower your guard when you have been having food and groceries delivered, watching Netflix at home, and telecommuting to work. Re-entering society outside our homes will undoubtedly take some time getting used to again.

The euphoria of simply being allowed to interact with others in public can very easily disrupt our “sixth-sense,” when it comes to subconscious alerts our mind may perceive about our surroundings. A simple example in that regards would be that a year ago being approached on a public street by someone wearing a mask or face-covering would be alarming at the least. For the foreseeable future such encounters may be the norm.


Rediscover Your Inner Warrior…

According to several different research papers, the COVID Pandemic has taken a tremendous toll on Americans on several levels. Physically, even if we were never exposed to the actual virus, our health has suffered. On average, we are not in as good physical shape as we were before the lockdowns. We were unable to exercise as much, we consumed more alcohol and our diets suffered as well.

Mentally, we have all suffered emotional turmoil from not being able to socialize with family, friends, and co-workers. We have all likely dealt with the death or incapacitation of someone we know. Our reliance on social media has literally led to poorer interpersonal communication skills. Depression is at an all-time high…no matter your socio-economic status.

We are like baseball players who can now start our regular season after skipping this year’s spring training. In short, we will be off our game for a while. We are less likely to embrace our established SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) when it comes to our safety or defensive capabilities. Remembering to notify those you can trust where you going and when you can be expected is an example of old strategies that will need to be relearned. We will all have to rediscover our Inner Warrior.

The Basics…

The fact that we have all been in “lockdown,” of some type over the last 15+ months warrants a reminder of the basic rules of safety we should all keep in mind when we are out in the public.

  • Always Be Alert to Your Surroundings.
  • Let someone you trust know your expected arrival time at a location.
  • Do not leave your home without a defensive tool you are proficient with.
  • Walk with a purpose, with your head up and eyes scanning for danger.
  • Travel in groups when possible.
  • NEVER let yourself be forcibly taken to a more isolated location.
  • PRACTICE with your Yellow Jacket Stun Gun.

Your reflexes will be slower, your instincts will be duller, and your mind will not likely react as sharply as it used to with regards to unexpected “input.” Like a muscle that has not be exercised in a year or more…it will take time to get back into the swing of things. FORCE yourself to reacclimate to your previous safety and defensive tactics.

Remember, the future of self-defense is in your hands…and until you reawaken your inner warrior, you need to force yourself to be on high alert when you leave your fortress of solitude. In short…En Garde!