As the manufacturer of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case, we have always proclaimed that there is no perfect defensive tool.  Whether it be a firearm, Conducted Energy Weapon (CEW) or pepper spray, no single self-defense weapon is the perfect response for every defensive action.  Drawing your concealed firearm on an “aggressive” panhandler is probably not the recommended response when a non-lethal effort may be all that is called for.

However, we have also always acknowledged that if you are legally allowed, physically capable and properly trained to carry a deadly weapon like a concealed firearm, we support your decision to do so.  Having said that, we also believe that if you are going to carry a firearm you should be committed to its proper use and educated in the legal deployment of that weapon in a self-defense situation. For that reason, we are huge proponents of the USCCA!

The United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) is the premier training and support organization for firearms owners who carry concealed.  If you carry a firearm as a defensive tool and you are not a member of the USCCA, you may never know how big a mistake that is…until it is too late.  Any USCCA member will tell you that if you have to use your weapon in a defensive action, after your 911 call, the next call you make should be to the USCCA Critical Response Team (CRT)!

Lethal vs. Non-Lethal…

Self-defense actions are by their very nature unique and unpredictable. Anyone who has had to defend themselves from an assailant will attest to the fact that the situation was fluid and included unanticipated variables, they were unprepared for.  This is the nature of chaos or violence in general. While we may train for scenarios we hope will never occur, it is the intensity of our training that will ultimately dictate the level of our success during a defensive encounter. That success can usually be measured in the starkest of terms.

Why is there no single weapon or defensive tool that may be considered perfect for every type of assault?  The answer to that question is based solely on the intensity of the action itself. As an example, an inebriated cad who aggressively grabs you in a bar may only require the discharge of a CEW to “motivate,” them to suspend their aggression towards you and retreat.  In many States, it may not even be legal to carry a firearm in such an establishment.

Pepper Spraying an aggressor in an elevator that you cannot immediately exit may create additional challenges for the intended victim.  Drawing your holstered firearm to use when you are grabbed from behind may not be practical. You may first have to deploy a non-lethal device as an “interrupter,” that results in the assailant releasing you from their grasp, thus affording you the opportunity to draw your weapon as needed.

In short, the question may not truly be “lethal vs. non-lethal,” but should we carry “lethal and non-lethal?”

The “Post-Action,” Plan…

Ask yourself this question, “…would you prefer to wing-it or to have professional, experienced support present when being interviewed by law enforcement after a defensive shooting/action you were a part of?”  We all like to think that if we have to defend ourselves against an assailant, that our defensive response will appear reasonable, logical and legal to anyone that reviews our actions…after the fact. However, there is a reason that law enforcement has embraced “body-cams,” for their Officers.  Simply explaining a reasonable, logical and legal response may no longer be enough.

What is your “post-action plan, “(PAP)? Do you already have an experienced criminal defense attorney interviewed and on “stand-by,” 24/7/365? Are you wearing a body-cam during the course of your daily/nightly activities?  The better PAP may simply be contacting your USCCA CRT by phone and notifying them what has just happened so they can come to your aid.

If you visit the USCCA website at you will find that it is loaded with excellent resources regarding what your PAP should be after a defensive action.  Remember, you may be in shock, injured and highly emotional after fighting off a criminal assault. This means you most likely will not be fully cognizant of your comments or statements.  It doesn’t mean you are hiding anything. It simply means your memory may still be processing what it “witnessed,” during the “fog of battle.” This can affect your recollection and demeanor.  For that reason alone, collecting your thoughts and seeking legal counsel is a sound Post-Action Plan.

USCCA & Yellow Jacket…

Our parent company (Stinger Solutions) are huge supporters of personal protection and the right to self-defense.  For that reason, we always look for partners we can pair with and believe in. the USCCA is just such a partner. They are committed to enhancing the self-defense capabilities of their members and supporting them after their worst fears are realized.

We strongly endorse the USCCA and encourage anyone who is serious about being better prepared to defend themselves and their families to consider becoming a member of this premier organization.  Whether you carry a non-lethal defensive tool or a firearm doesn’t matter. That you are properly trained before and adequately supported after a violent criminal assault is what both the USCCA and we at Stinger Solutions are focused on. 

Remember, the future of self-defense…is in your hands…and now only a phone call away!

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