In this day and age sometimes it is deemed better to error on the side of caution when it comes to speaking the truth.  Here at Stinger Solutions, we are constantly debating whether or not we should state directly our thoughts about self-defense, physical assaults and violent crimes or if we should couch those discussions in a less aggressive style using a more “cushioned” terminology and dialogue.  It is notan easy question.

On the one hand, we do not want to cause additional trauma to anyone who may have already endured a violent physical assault by forcing them to confront those emotions again. It is not our intent to generate a type of “shock therapy,” (no pun intended) to galvanize the reader into accepting the harsh realities of living in a potentially very violent world.

 Alternatively, sugar coating and downplaying these same realities can do a grave injustice to our target audience.  Thus, speaking the truth, presenting the facts and confronting these issues head on can better prepare an individual to handle such encounters if need be.  Therein lays our dilemma.  Do we run the risk of turning off our audience by discussing these subjects in visceral terms or do we attempt to better prepare them to survive such an encounter using the starkest most direct style?

Our Apologies…

Perhaps we should simply post our apology now regarding our approach in trying to keep our friends and family…our audience safe.  You read that right.  We think of our target audience as friends and family.  After all, the vast majority of our friends and families are devout Yellow Jacket customers.  We build our Conducted Energy Devices (CED) with the knowledge that our wives, daughters, sisters, brothers and other family members will very likely be depending on them for personal protection.

Having said that, please know that if any of our articles, blogs, social media or marketing materials trigger a negative visceral reaction by forcing you to confront or deal with unpleasant thoughts or memories in any way, you have our sincerest apology.  Our goal is to always first educateour audience so as to arm them with the tools they need to survive a violent assault.  The most powerful defensive tool a person has is their brain.  Our intent is to provide additional tools we can carry in our cerebral arsenal.  Again, if our discussions or approach causes any emotional discomfort we apologize.

Instinct vs. Reason…

It was once said by an unnamed defensive tactics instructor that, “…reason is the reflection of being taught the proper techniques for swimming, hence, being able to effectively and efficiently propel yourself through the water at will.  Instinct on the other hand, is the inborn trait resulting in the furious moving of your hands and feet as fast and erratically as possible…just before you drown.” 


Everyone knows that when you are confronted by an antagonist, doing nothingwhile they pummel you into unconsciousness is likely not the best defensive tactic to employ.  The fact that for most of us such an assault is unimaginable…does NOT mean we should simply never imagine it.  Hence the question is better stated as what should you do if assaulted?  Relying on your instinct may suffice if you are an apex predator on Discovery Channel but arming yourself with reason and advanced defensive tools is a more effective option every time.

Most violent assaults are perpetrated by larger, stronger more aggressive and experienced antagonists upon those perceived to be weaker, smaller and more passive individuals. Only idiots knowingly target a superior force.  Yes, alcohol can turn intellectuals into idiots, but for the most part if you are targeted it is because you are perceived to be rationally vulnerable.  Hence, women are usually targeted by men, men perceived as weak and passive are targeted by stronger more aggressive men, etc.  The animal kingdom on Discovery Channel does accurately reflect these same predatory behaviors.

PC vs. A-OK!

As we said in the beginning of this article, knowing whether to remain somewhat politically correct when it comes to discussing self-defense is a challenging question.  We have actually been advised by rape counselors to nothighlight the defensive tactics or tools a target of rape should employ as it may cause past victims of rape to generate feelings of guilt because it implies they could have done more to defend themselves.  However, these same counselors explain that being sexually assaulted puts you at a much higher risk of being assaulted again in the future!* To be clear, victims of crimes should never feel guilty.

When we consider disturbing facts like those just mentioned, we feel it is better to error on the side of doing everything we can to ensure our audience (family and friends) are A-OKas opposed to us remaining PC in our approach to this educational process. For that reason if we can help prepare someone to better survive a violent physical assault through providing them an effective but discreet defensive tool and we can help them develop the proper mental attitude to fight through such an attack, then we are satisfied with our efforts.  In short, we apologize….and you’re welcome.


(*National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey, 2010 CDC)