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    Handgun Carry & The Yellow Jacket!


    The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case is an obvious self-defense tool for people who do not carry a firearm.  It is also obvious that the Yellow Jacket is a perfect high-tech defensive product for men and women who are not comfortable carrying deadly-force capable weapons. 

    What most people may not realize is…it is also the perfect weapon retention device if you do carry a concealed or open carry firearm.  Most people who carry a firearm for self-defense practice the basics to remain proficient at safe gun handling, marksmanship, weapon drawing and sight presentation.  However, weapon retention if commonly ignored as a training activity by the vast majority of firearms carriers today.  Even most law enforcement agencies no longer vigorously train on weapon retention.

    For the most part, law enforcement holsters require numerous “digit manipulation,” procedures to un-lock and release the sidearm so it can be drawn from the holster.  For Officers who wear a duty belt with a Level II or III Security Holster in place, they rely upon this mechanical security for weapon retention.

    Weapon Retention Is As Important As Marksmanship!

    That is not to say that hitting the target is not the most important single point there is when you squeeze the trigger.  It does mean though that if your firearm is taken from you by force and turned against you or others….your marksmanship capabilities become moot!

    In an ideal world, if you choose to carry a firearm you would also invest the time to become proficient in P.A.C.T. (Police Aikido Controlling Tactics) or some other formal martial training to ensure you could protect and retain your weapon being carried on your person.  However, such training takes a great deal of time and effort to learn and remain proficient at…and that is if you can even find such legitimate instruction.

    You can easily find on the You Tube channel hundreds of videos of martial arts instructors demonstrating how to disarm an attacker who is carrying a firearm.  However, to find legitimate weapon retention techniques is much harder.  That is where the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case can fill that void!

    Retain Your Weapon with a Nasty Sting…

    Let’s pretend for a moment that you are attacked by a larger, stronger more skilled adversary and you quickly ascertain that this may end up being a fight for your life.  During the fight, the attacker sees or feels your holstered and concealed firearm.  It is highly likely they will now try and disarm you for one of two reasons; they either will now expect you to try and draw your gun to shoot them or they will simply decide to use your gun against you. How do you keep them from disarming you?

    If they grab the grip of your gun and start to tug it out of your holster…what do you do?  What techniques can you use that you are proficient in to get them off of your sidearm?  If your gun is being carried on your “strong-side,” what are you able to do with your weaker hand?  The answer is simple if your weaker hand is holding a Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case!  Since the Yellow Jacket is ambidextrous, it can be activated by either hand.  You simply drive the extended electrodes (prongs) into the hand or forearm of the attacker (or their face or neck if presented) and discharge over 7,000,000 volts of electricity into them until their hand releases the grip of your sidearm.

    21st Century Weapon Retention

    Most legitimate advanced firearm carry classes will recommend that if you are right-handed and you plan on carrying your firearm on your “strong-side,” then you should generally keep that hand free at all times.  This means carrying your mobile phone in your left or weak hand (in this example).  By doing so, you don’t have to deal with the added time and distraction of getting rid of something in the hand you will draw your firearm with.

    This also means that if you need to deploy your Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case against an assailant you can do so with your weak hand while keeping your sidearm hand free.  However, it also means that if you are forced to deploy your Yellow Jacket against an assailant who attempts to wrestle your firearm away from you…your Yellow Jacket can immediately be deployed against them to counter their attempt to disarm you!

    In the coming weeks, watch for our new training videos which will actually demonstrate how the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case can be effectively deployed against someone who may try to disarm you during an attack.

    Remember….the future of self-defense is in your hands!




    Born To Ride… Carry a Yellow Jacket!

    What is the hottest and newest accessory that is being carried by experienced motorcycle riders around the country?  The Yellow Jacket of course!

    Now more than ever motorcyclists must constantly be vigilant regarding their personal safety on the road.  Riders can’t securely carry much on their person other than perhaps a wallet and their phone.  Storage space on a bike is at a premium. 

    At best, saddle bags or tank bags and sometimes only a small space under your saddle is all you have to work with.  For that reason, today’s cyclists are truly the 21st centuries “steel cowboys,” of the open road.

    Not everyone you meet is an Easy Rider…

    Ron Galletti, Founder and Publisher of the nationally known monthly publication Born To Ride, is one of the few insiders who has his finger on the pulse of the riding community.  Mr. Galletti is someone who is constantly on the lookout for the newest and most innovative products that will best serve the motorcycle fraternity.

    Some time ago, Mr. Galletti discovered the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case and immediately recognized that it was the perfect device to be carried by riders with their smart phones.  He was amazed that it would not only provide a backup battery doubling their talk time (as well as increase how long they can use their GPS, Route Guidance and their music playlists) but it discreetly carried a 7,000,000+ volt, advanced technology stun gun!

    Galletti stated, “…in this day and age a lot of riders feel a bit exposed when they stop at an intersection or for gas.  Not everyone you meet on the road is your friend anymore so to have a self-defense tool with you at all times can literally be a life-saver!”  

    The #1 Motorcycle-Lifestyle magazine in North America!

    Mr. Galletti was so impressed with the product; he decided to do a feature article on the Yellow Jacket to be published in the August 2017 edition of the publication Born To Ride.  As Galletti put it, “…the Yellow Jacket is a game changer!” 

    To read the article about our amazing Yellow Jacket product, you can visit the link at http://borntoride.com/born-to-ride-florida-issues/ for the Florida publications and at http://borntoride.com/born-to-ride-georgia-magazine-issues/ for publications in Georgia.

    Born To Ride magazine is an iconic periodical that features great writing, timely industry insider scoops and some of the best photography of the motorcycling lifestyle that can be found.  You will find fascinating interviews with “A-list” actors, top custom chopper builders and music icons.

    Whether you ride a crotch-rocket or a low-rider chances are you are addicted to Born To Ride. Heck, they even have their own television show and theme song! 

    Check them out at www.borntoride.com






    Pro Pad… Newest Show Circuit Dealer!

    Pro Pad… Newest Show Circuit Dealer!

    Yellow Jacket has actively been searching for new Dealers who reflect the values of our company.  What makes a great Yellow Jacket Dealer?  It really is quite simple. 

    To be an Authorized Yellow Jacket Dealer a company must place Customer Service above all else.  They believe in the legal right to self-defense for themselves and their loved ones.  Honor and Integrity are more than just words…they are descriptions of the standards they hold their business to.

    Pro Pad Inc.

    We are proud to announce that Pro Pad Inc. of Mooresville North Carolina is our newest Authorized Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case Dealer!  They are also the first Authorized Dealer in the motorcycle retail industry! 

    Pro Pad manufactures the highest quality ancillary accessories for premium grade motorcycles.  They manufacture flag mounts and flags, Pro Pad Seat Gel Inserts, Custom Seat Pads in leather, sheepskin, Quilted Diamond Mesh, moto-mounts, cell phone handlebar mounts and detachable luggage racks…to name a few of their products.

    Pro Pad’s highest quality premium products reflect a new standard of “fit and finish,” in the motorcycle accessory industry.   Most “old school” riders will tell you that, “…if Pro Pad doesn’t make it…you probably don’t need it!”

    Sturgis…On the Road!

    Mike Enzwiler, President of Pro Pad Inc., is excited to be the first Authorized Dealer to bring the Yellow Jacket to the motorcycle industry.  “We make the best high-quality motorcycle cell phone mounts in the industry.  Quality products and our commitment to world-class customer service has always been our main focus…so it stands to reason we would want to represent a product from a company that shares our same core values,” said Mr. Enzwiler.

    Enzwiler went on to say, “…To us it was a perfect fit selling the world’s most innovative and unique defensive phone case… especially when you consider it will attach securely in one of our handlebar mounts for instant use!”

    Pro Pad will once again be prominently featured at the world famous Sturgis Rally in Rapid City South Dakota from July 28th through August 13th.  You can find their custom retail trailer where they can install their products on your bike located at Black Hills Harley-Davidson, 2820 Harley Drive, Rapid City SD 57702.

    Stop by if you are in Sturgis and let Mike and his team introduce you to the patented Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case that can be discreetly carried on your bike or in your pocket. 

    Remember…The Future of Self-Defense is in Your Hands!

    Pro Pads Inc.  1-800-403-2714




    Stun Gun vs. K-9

    Several years ago while teaching a self-defense class, one of my associate instructors commented to a class, “…it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there…don’t be the guy wearing Milk Bone underwear!”  While that comment received a few muted chuckles throughout the class, the overall thought is a rather valid one.

    If you look like prey…you will be eaten and while that “truism” may apply to thugs and those intent on doing us harm, it also applies to the four-legged type of predators that we may encounter as well.  Fully 70% of recreational runners (joggers) say they have had a bad encounter with an aggressive or even vicious dog.

    This does not mean that such an encounter results in the runner being bitten by a dog.  On the contrary, it may only mean that they were chased by the aggressive animal…or even forced to change their route to avoid provoking a more violent outcome.  In short, most runners must constantly remain vigilant for hyper-aggressive K-9’s while out enjoying their exercise.

    What to Look For?

    While certain breeds of dogs are more commonly thought of as “aggressive,” any breed can be stimulated to bark, chase and bite someone under the right conditions.  It is a fact that more people are bitten by smaller breed dogs than larger more physically imposing ones. This is most likely due to several different factors…one of which is that people are usually more apprehensive and cautious around larger breeds, hence they work harder to avoid a negative interaction.

    However, the bottom line is any dog that is unknown to you can end up being aggressive.  This can be because you inadvertently trigger an aggressive response by doing something that is interpreted as hostile to the dog (such as entering their territory or making direct eye contact) or it could simply be that the dog is hyper-aggressive and therefore needs no outside stimulus to attack.

    Some overt indications that you are encountering a dog that can be potentially dangerous are:

    • The Dogs Body Language is “puffed up,” and angled directly head-on at you.
    • The hair on the back of the dog standing at “attention” to make the dog seem bigger.
    • A deep guttural growl emanates from the animal.
    • The dog’s eyes locked directly on you.
    • A slight lowering of the head as it begins to “stalk” towards you.
    • An overtly agitated dog that seems almost like it is in a frenzy or out of control.
    • A dog that is with small children or puppies may be over-protective.
    • The dog that is on a full-out dead sprint towards you with its ears back.
    • Very aggressive snapping of its jaws.


    What to Do to Protect Yourself!

    Most K-9 experts will tell you that avoiding a confrontation with an aggressive dog is the best way to not get bitten.  However, if you are surprised by an aggressive animal, there are certain steps you can take to minimize injury to yourself.

    1. DO NOT make direct eye contact with the dog.
    2. Stand erect with your arms pulled inward so as to make yourself seem bigger.
    3. DO NOT turn your back on the dog. Back slowly away from the animal until you are safe.
    4. If the dog begins to move towards you, discharge your stun gun repeatedly directly at it.
    5. If the dog attacks, sacrifice your weak arm by holding it in front of you. When the dog bites you on the forearm, immediately deploy your stun gun into his face and neck area.  Do not be afraid to discharge the unit in the dog’s eye.
    6. If you do not have a stun gun, attempt to strike the dog on the bridge of its nose as hard as you can. Repeatedly strike the dog in this area or attempt to gouge the dog’s eyes until it releases its grip.
    7. It is imperative you attempt to stay on your feet so the dog cannot get on top of you. If you are knocked down and are totally defensive, roll into a ball clasping your hands behind your neck protecting your throat.

    The Sting of the Yellow Jacket…

    It is thought that when a dog smells the burning ozone associated with the discharge of a high-powered stun gun and/or sees and hears the high-voltage discharge…they will associate this discharge with lightning.  This may be enough to disengage the animal’s aggressive action towards you.

    However, in no case should you let your guard down.  You must be prepared to deploy your Yellow Jacket repeatedly against the animal as needed.  You are in a “dog-fight,” once it starts there is no reasoning with the attacker.  You must win the fight….plain and simple!

    Remember….the future of self-defense is in your hands.




    Discreet Personal Security …turn your cell phone into a defensive tool!

    Literally, 95% of all Americans now carry a cell phone with them on a daily basis.*  Specifically, 96% of men, 94% of women…and 100% of people ages 18-29 that were surveyed carry a mobile phone!  More people carry a cell phone on them regularly than carry a driver’s license or money.

    It only stands to reason that some out-of-the-box thinking company would eventually figure out a way of turning your cell phone into a defensive weapon. Enter Stinger Solutions, the developer of the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case.  This is not a stun gun that is designed to look like a cheap “fake phone.”  This is a state-of-the-art phone case that protects your phone and you!

    Why a Phone Case Stun Gun?

    “So many people now carry a cellular phone with them it only made sense to develop an effective defensive tool working off of this type platform,” said Thom Buck, Chief Technology Officer of Stinger Solutions.  “If you leave your home without your phone, it is one of the few things people will return for before they continue on to their destination.  Even if they are leaving for only a few minutes…they are uncomfortable being without their phone,” said Buck.

    Mr. Buck went on to say, “One of the first requirements for an effective defensive tool is that it should always be with you.  It can’t help you if it is not with you when you need it and most people carry their phone everywhere with them.” 

    In fact, the basic premise for a defensive tool is that certain rules need to be followed to increase the chances of you being able to successfully deploy it under stress.  Some of those basic rules are as follows:

    • The device should be reliable and effective.
    • It should be something you are comfortable carrying.
    • It should be discreet so as to not draw undue attention to it.
    • The tool should not require a great deal of training to deploy.
    • Your defensive tool should always be either in your hands or close to your hands.
    • Ideally, the deployment of the device should be intuitive and not require much thought.

    This Yellow Jacket has a Nasty Sting!

    The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case is a two piece phone case that your mobile phone locks into.  Once installed on your phone, it offers several important features. First, it offers superior protection for your phone.  The case is made of a space age material that helps to protect your phone from “drops and bumps.”  The case comes with a screen protector and wrist leash as well.

    Second, it acts as a “battery backup,” for your phone!  If you depress a small button on the back of the case, it will immediately begin charging your phone.  It will provide hours of additional talk and standby time.  This feature alone makes it worth attaching to your phone.

    Third, it helps to protect you! It does this by concealing inside the housing of the unit a 7,000,000+ volt stun gun.  Once you turn on the Stun Gun Safety Switch placing the unit is standby mode, all you have to do is slide the Stun Gun Activation Switch forward causing the electrode prongs to extend out of the front of the phone case. 

    When you then use a separate motion and depress the Stun Gun Activation Switch it will discharge a jarring electrical charge!  Simply slide the Stun Gun Activation Switch backwards to retract the electrodes back inside the housing and the Stun Gun is deactivated and returned to standby mode.  All of this can be done with the use of just one hand.

    Perfect for Motorcyclists!

    Whether you carry your phone in a pocket, phone holster or on a “mount” on your bike…you now have the perfect defensive tool readily at hand when you need it.  Whether you are sitting at a red light and have someone uninvited walking up to you or anywhere else you might need a defensive tool…if your phone is with you why not a Yellow Jacket?

    Take a moment and visit the Yellow Jacket website at www.yellowjacketcase.com to learn more about this unique and innovative product.  Buck explained that they are selling a huge number of Yellow Jackets to motorcycle enthusiasts.  “The motorcycle riding community likes the fact that in most places you don’t need a Concealed Weapons License to carry a stun gun and that it has a high performance backup battery on the device.  It seems like every day we are selling dozens of Yellow Jackets to bikers who like a discreet defensive tool they can count on,” Buck shared.

    As of this date, the Yellow Jacket is only offered in an Apple IPhone configuration.   However, Samsung and other phone configurations are in the works and should be out in the coming months.  Contact the Yellow Jacket Company if you have any questions about this unique and patented product…and remember- the future of self-defense is in your hands…Yellow Jacket!

    (* Pew Research Center for Internet & Technology, January 12th, 2017.)