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    Yellow Jacket Launches International Dealer Program!

    Shooters World…the largest gun store in Southeast!


    We are proud to announce that the first retail store chosen in the United States to become an Authorized Dealer of the Yellow Jacket Phone Case Stun Gun is Shooters World of Tampa Florida!

    Our company was looking for a retailer as innovative and committed to customer service as we are, to be the first Authorized Dealer of our product.  After careful consideration of the numerous retailers who have petitioned us for this honor, we decided to pull the trigger on what may be the most impressive gun store in America.

    Shooters World, has located their 62,000sf flagship store in Tampa Florida, yet they are also in the process of building two additional stores in the Sunshine State as well.  An even larger store will be the only gun store located in the city limits of Orlando Florida and they are soon to be breaking ground on another store in the Villages, located in North Central Florida. 

    World Class Retailer

    Shooters World is a “destination” retailer.  Recognized as a 5-Star Facility by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) three years consecutively, this is a store that you can literally come to and spend the day.  With over thousands of retail items and one of the most advanced air-conditioned shooting ranges ever conceived…Shooters World is a location where you can shop, shoot, train and enjoy special events on a daily basis.

    They employ some of the most talented and experienced Gunsmiths in the industry where they can repair or restore virtually any firearm or build you a custom pistol or rifle second to none.  This retailer prides itself on competitive pricing that can be counted on save you money and the most committed customer service team in the industry.

    We invite you to visit the Shooter’s World website today at www.shootersworld.com to learn more about this tremendous Yellow Jacket partner.  Our company is both excited and proud to have our product embraced as one of Shooters Worlds newest and most innovative products on their sales floor.

     As Bruce Kitzis, GM of Shooters Worlds Tampa location commented, “…the Yellow Jacket product is both a great transition product for people who are wanting to start with a non-lethal self-defense device or as a back-up self-defense tool that will always be with the user since it is connected to their mobile phone. It is unlike anything on the market today and we are excited to carry it!”




    Authorized Dealer Program

    Stinger Solutions (the parent company of Yellow Jacket) has been developing a tremendous Authorized Dealer program to bring our innovative and unique product to retail “brick & mortar,” stores.  It was important for us to not just have an adequate fulfillment inventory on hand but for us to be able to have in place the proper support for our Authorized Dealers before we launched this program.

    Over the next several months you will see literally dozens of Authorized Dealers carrying our products.  If you have a favorite retailer in your area, then perhaps you should suggest to them to apply to become an Authorized Yellow Jacket Dealer.  Only elite retailers who place customer service above all else will qualify to become a Yellow Jacket Dealer.  If any retailer would like information about becoming a Yellow Jacket Authorized retailer they should contact James Duncan, Vice-President of Sales for Yellow Jacket at JD@yellowjacketcase.com.

    Remember…the future of self-defense is in your hands with the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Case.


    Shooters World

    116 E. Fletcher Ave.

    Tampa Florida 33612




    Yellow Jacket… the story behind the sting!

    Luckily for us, our parent company Stinger Solutions brought in a new Chief Executive Officer by the name of Joseph Jobe.  Mr. Jobe (or Joey to those who work for the company) had a stellar track record as President and CEO of a tremendously successful company in Baton Rouge Louisiana.  While running Setpoint Integrated Solutions, Inc., Mr. Jobe helped to grow that company into an international conglomerate with annual revenues in excess of $250 MILLION.

    As Mr. Jobe brought not just a steady hand to Yellow Jacket, he also instilled a “can do,” approach to solving any problem or challenge.  As Mr. Jobe has introduced many of the ideas and precepts that helped him grow his previous company into a 700+ employee behemoth to the Stinger Solutions team, his company “true-isms,” have affectionately become known as “Rules of the Book of Jobe.” 

    • It is imperative that we build the single best products of their type in the market place today. We will never compromise on quality or performance.  To do so is to place the burden of those failures on our customers.
    • If you want to assure our companies profitability….then we must first assure our customers satisfaction. This means with both our product and our service.
    • We will build every Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case like it is going to be carried by a family member. To that point, our customers are our family.
    • While no company is 100% perfect all the time….that is truly our goal. If you can’t commit to the effort that may lead to a perfect product, then do our customers a favor and don’t show up at work. It’s the effort we can never compromise on.

    The Future Is Bright for Yellow Jacket!

    “Our goal is to grow the Yellow Jacket brand into a name that reflects premium quality products that can be counted on to perform when needed,” said Mr. Jobe.  He went on to state, “The Yellow Jacket concept is sound and that means all we have to focus on is the execution of the effort.  We will not let our customers down.  Our goal for Yellow Jacket is to not just meet but exceed our customer’s expectations.”

    Now that Yellow Jacket has begun shipping product to Authorized Dealers and e-commerce customers, the future is indeed bright for Yellow Jacket.  There are numerous future design concepts on the drawing board at the Baton Rouge headquarters for this fast growing company.  With potential contracts being explored with governmental agencies and security industry leaders, the Yellow Jacket brand has nowhere to buzz but upward!

    Why a Stun Gun?

    One of the most common questions we get is, “…why should I carry a stun gun over other self-defense products?”  Quite honestly, that is a great question. To adequately answer that question we have to first consider some general concepts in personal self-defense.

    If you start with the premise that you are searching for one single defensive weapon or precept that fits all potential defensive scenarios, you will find that such a weapon does not exist.  Defensive scenarios vary and are based on your environmental surroundings, the general population you find yourself in, your own physical capabilities (or limitations), your personal experience or training and the motivation behind the attack itself.

    As an example, a handgun is woefully inadequate if you are being fired upon by a rifle from a distance.  Just as a rifle may be inefficient to try and defend oneself with in an elevator.  Similarly, a TASER® may not be as effective a defensive tool if you are literally grabbed from behind in a choke hold as a Stun Gun.  For that reason, it is important to realize that defensive tools are like any other tool.  While you can use a wrench as a hammer… specific tools work best when applied to the right job!

    Condition RED!

    Most self-defense experts will agree on certain concepts.  If confronted with a potential attack, do everything you can to avoid being drawn into a physical altercation.  Try and talk yourself out of trouble, signal or call for help from security personnel or law enforcement or flee if possible.

    If a physical altercation is unavoidable, don’t fight fair, strike hard and strike first if possible.  Mount a withering assault to blunt the attackers own offensive actions and don’t quit until you have the upper hand and can extract yourself from the situation.  Most of the techniques you will use in a fight are based on your personal experience/ training and the physical condition you are currently in.

    Overwhelmingly, 86% of victims of a violent attack admit that they wish they had some type of weapon at their disposal to help thwart the physical assault they had endured.  Of that group, 97% state they would have deployed such a weapon had they had one in their possession at the time of their assault.


    Most physical assaults do not start like they do in the movies.  In most cases, unless you are the person who initiates some stupid action that draws such a confrontation to you…they are sudden and unexpected.  This means that if you are one of the 86% of victims who wished they had a defensive tool at hand during an attack…it better already be in your hands or close at hand or you will most likely never get to it. 

    Pepper spray or a tactical flashlight in your purse or briefcase may as well be sitting on your nightstand by your bed during a sudden confrontation in an elevator or stairwell.  An expandable baton that needs to be opened or a handgun in an ankle holster when you are grabbed from behind in a choke hold may remain untouched during such a violent onslaught.  Remember, successfully defending oneself could come down to access to the tool and intuitive deployment of it against your attacker. 

    Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Advantages

    Tactical deployment of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case are worthy of consideration when you are trying to decide if such a defensive tool is right for you.  Below are some of the advantages of a YJ Stun Gun:

    • The Yellow Jacket is discreet and natural to carry in hand. It draws no suspicion or attention while carrying it in your hand. This is one of the golden rules of carrying a defensive weapon.  It must be accessible and deployable at a moment’s notice.
    • It affords the carrier the ultimate element of surprise. When it is activated, it is completely unexpected by the attacker.  This “ambush effect,” caused by deploying such a defensive tool “out of nowhere,” increases its effectiveness exponentially. 
    • The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is intuitive to use. The trigger to discharge the unit is ambidextrous as most people are comfortable with the feel of their mobile phone always being in their hand…using the Yellow Jacket becomes “second nature.”
    • A Stun Gun does not need to be reloaded to discharge multiple times. Whether this is against the same attacker or against multiple attackers.  All one must do is continue to depress the trigger each time a discharge is needed. 
    • Whether you are grabbed from the front or from behind, a Stun Gun only need to come into contact with part of the attacker’s body. While we recommend specific “target points,” to concentrate the electrical discharge against an attacker, a Stun Gun does not require a great deal of training or precision to deploy.
    • The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is an ideal “close-quarters weapon.” Whether being attacked inside your car, pulled into an alley or grabbed on a crowded subway, this is a defensive tool that exploits the attacker’s predisposition to get close to their victim.  If they can touch you….you can stun them!
    • The Yellow Jacket Stun Gun is intimidating to an attacker. It can even be used to protect you against an aggressive canine adversary.

    Be Safe by Being Smart…

    The future of self-defense is in your hands today.  The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is the only patented defensive tool of its kind in the world.  Visit an Authorized Yellow Jacket Dealer today to see firsthand how this remarkable state-of-the-art defensive tool can help to protect you.

    Remember, your safety is in your hands….and it is called a Yellow Jacket!


    What’s the Difference between a Blackjack Dealer and a Yellow Jacket Dealer?

    …ones a gamble and the other is a sure thing!

    Unlike most product manufacturers, at Yellow Jacket we have stood in your shoes. As an independent retailer, we know what is important to you with regards to your requirements for a product you wish to carry on your shelves.

    We also know that the type of retailer we are looking to partner with has very high standards when it comes to selling a product under their name.  The good news for you is that our management team has actual real-world experience working the retail counter.

    What YOU are looking for…

    As an independent retailer, you have enough to worry about other than will the product I buy for my customers and clients be accepted by them?  No doubt your concern is, “is this too big a gamble to bring into my store?”  Well, let’s address some of those concerns right now;

    • Is the product innovative, interesting and does it meet my customers needs?   The Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is the first patented product of its kind to enter the self-defense industry. There is nothing else like it on the market.  If your customers carry a cell phone…then they will carry a Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case!
    • Will the product meet the quality and performance standards required by my customers? Absolutely! The Yellow Jacket design team has done everything possible to provide a well-made, high-quality, substantial product that will hold up to years of service.  We have packed as many features and performance enhancements as we can into this small, discreet and powerful unit.  Our goal was to make sure that every person who carries a Yellow Jacket can rely on it to protect themselves.
    • Does the Yellow Jacket Company stand behind my store while I stand behind their product? You have our word that we will. Many employees of our company come from the outdoors/self-defense industry.  We know it is a relatively small and tight-knit community.  We will support you as you support your customers.  Give us a chance to prove that to you.


    What WE are looking for…

    Integrity, honor and professionalism are a two-way street.  We want you to be proud of being an Authorized Yellow Jacket Dealer….and the reverse it just as true.  We want to proudly proclaim that you are one of our professional retailers as well.  What kind of Dealers are we searching for?

    • Are you a retailer that literally lives and breathes customer service? If you have a reputation in your community of being professional, courteous, honest and knowledgeable, then you are a perfect Yellow Jacket Dealer candidate!
    • Do you cater to women and novices that are new to the shooting sports and/or the world of self-defense? There are two types of retailers in the world of firearms and self-defense products.  One only wants to deal with experienced, advanced customers and the second retailer is willing to deal with all types of customers regardless of their experience level.  We are looking for the retailer who operates an open and accommodating establishment.
    • Honor, Integrity and Professionalism…are you a retailer who believes that such concepts are as important as profits? Don’t get us wrong, product profitability is important. However, we are looking for retailers who believe that providing their customers an effective and viable way to defend themselves is paramount to all other considerations. 

    Retail Partners…

    At Yellow Jacket we will provide you the most earnest support to help you be successful selling our product.  We promise to always produce the best product we can and we will stand behind our product. Our goal is to provide a high-quality product that will protect our customers.  We will always be here for you our Authorized Dealer and for our end-use customer.

    Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Cases are the future of self-defense.  We are looking for retailers who want to join that future endeavor.  Contact us to find out how we are willing to work to ensure you are our Authorized Dealer in your community.  Email JD@yellowjacketcase.com to learn more about our Authorized Dealer Program!


    Well we have finally finished our design upgrades and performance expansions!  The new Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case is in production and is in the process of being packaged for sale! 

    First, we would like to thank all of our customers for their patience.  We know many of you have been waiting for quite some time for our amazing product to ship out.  I am sure you have noted the delays we have encountered to get our product to you.

    We can assure you that these delays have not been intentional. In fact, most of them have been related to waiting for approvals from the appropriate governmental agencies regarding the importation and shipping of an electric-shock, defensive product.

    Second, we would like to update you regarding our latest design features.  After going through more field “testing & evaluation,” we identified some upgrades that we felt would make the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smartphone Case an even better product.

    • Our outer case is now coated with a heavier “rubberized” impact-resistant finish.
    • A high-quality screen-protector is now included with every YJ Case.
    • The Master Arm/ Trigger Switch on the back of the case now lights up when ready to fire.
    • The Smartphone battery re-charge interface will now function regardless if the stun gun is activated.
    • The stun gun function on the YJ Case now has a RED “on” position that indicates when the stun gun is energized.
    • The wrist-strap has a new “adjustable-lock” feature to allow for more secure retention during activities such as jogging or hiking.
    • Our new YJ Stun Gun Case is water-resistant which means it is safe in wet environments such as rain or fog.

    Next Generation Protection Available Today!

    In the next several weeks you will notice on our website that our product has started shipping.  Our initial units (for the Apple IPhone 6) shipped will be BLACK in color.  As the overwhelming majority of our initial pre-orders have requested all black units, we chose to go with that style for our initial launch.

    Our next color options will be TEAL, PURPLE, PINK and COBALT BLUE.  These were the next four (4) colors that were requested through our pre-order inquiries.  We expect to have those colors available for our YJ Cases by early summer 2017.  Make sure you check back on our website for product availability in the next several weeks if you want a YJ Case (for the Apple IPhone 6) in one of those four colors.

    However, if you are planning on ordering one of our next generation Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smartphone Cases in BLACK, you should expect to place your order in the next few weeks for immediate fulfillment!

    Our Service Goes Beyond the Sale…

    At Yellow Jacket, we are serious about providing you state-of-the-art protective devices that you can count on.  That means not just providing you our amazing Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case, but it also means providing you the insight and training to help you utilize its devastating protective performance in real world scenarios.

    By reading the Blogs we publish on our website, you will be exposed to concepts and tactics that experienced self-defense professionals have articulated to help expand your understanding of how best to deploy your Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case.  These articles will cover more than just how to use the Yellow Jacket.  They will also discuss general defensive tactics and preventative measures you can take to help lessen the chance of an attack to begin with.

    We will also be releasing new micro-training videos that will help you actually see how to best deploy your Yellow Jacket in various defensive situations.  These videos will be released on regular intervals and will each cover different defensive concepts and possible personal “attack” scenarios.  Our first training video will be uploaded to our new website in the next few weeks.

    New Look…New Upgrades…Our Thanks…

    Our new patented and upgraded IPhone 6 Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Smartphone Case is about to start shipping.  Our website is also about to get a new look to it as well.  We are confident that you will agree that the product was worth the wait!  However, don’t for a minute think that your loyalty to our company and our product is not greatly appreciated.

    Once you have unpackaged your new YJ Case, remember two things.  First, you made a great decision in taking your personal safety into your own hands with the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case and second…you have our thanks for being a loyal Yellow Jacket customer.


    God Bless and Be Safe.


    Yellow Jacket Management