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    Get Ready for a Shocking 2018!

    Even though our parent company Stinger Solutions had a fantastic year in 2017 introducing our Iphone 6/6S and Iphone 7/7S and 8 model Yellow Jacket Stun Gun cases….we are not sitting on our laurels! You can be sure that we have a great many new products launching in 2018!

    If we learned anything from our success of last year, it is that our product is in even more demand than anticipated. As you may imagine, our design and engineering team has been developing new models that will be released over the next several months to meet the demands of our ever growing customer base.

    8 + 10 = The Future

    Over the next several months Stinger Solutions shall be introducing several new models of our patented Yellow Jacket Stun Gun case. Based on the latest mobile phones to hit the market, we have chosen the following model cases to be released for 2018 at this time:

    • Iphone X (10)
    • Iphone 8 PLUS
    • Samsung Galaxy Models

    Once these three newest model cases have been released, we will have essentially covered the entire Apple line of mobile phone products as well as the latest and best selling Samsung mobile phone! We have listened to your requests for additional model Yellow Jackets and we are working to provide them in the very near future.

    As a company, Stinger Solutions is committed to staying abreast of the latest mobile phone model designs as they come to market. As the average life span of a phone model is about 21 months in the U.S., it is incumbent upon us to constantly be working to upgrade our own designs to ensure we are producing a Yellow Jacket case to “fit” each new generation of Smartphone’s that enter the market place.

    YJ Personal Defense App

    It is not our goal to simply continue churning out new model Yellow Jackets to coincide with new model phone’s. We are also working to increase both our power output as well as integrate even more technology into our designs.

    Our latest models have incorporated Bluetooth technology into them. This is so the Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Cases will support a proprietary personal defense phone application. This personal security game-changing phone app is in final development at this time. It will soon be in its Beta Testing phase with our goal of releasing it in the next few months.

    This application will automatically notify individuals you have pre-selected in your phone contact list as well as summon help when your Yellow Jacket has been deployed and discharged. This is just another example of how Stinger Solutions is at the forefront of personal protection technology! In the coming months we will release more details about this revolutionary new proprietary integration of technology into our Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Cases.

    Vespula Spp.

    The justly feared Yellow Jacket is a wasp with a sting so painful that when sighted, it literally sends people briskly in the opposite direction! The Yellow Jacket can sting repeatedly and painfully and is feared by even animals and other insects. Interestingly, it is the female of the species that are capable of delivering the painful sting.

    Now you know why we chose the name Yellow Jacket for our stun gun cases with backup battery! While it is true that our phone cases provide the most powerful backup batteries that can be used to charge your Smartphone… it is equally true that our goal was to provide a discreet yet powerful defensive tool that would always be close at hand.

    2018 is indeed going to be a tremendous year for the Yellow Jacket. Don’t put off another day ordering your Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case. Remember….the future of self-defense is in your hands!

    Even Batman Wears a Utility Belt!

    Having instructed literally thousands of students in the Art of Defensive Firearms…I have come to several conclusions over the last two decades. Some of these thoughts have been proven under the stress of actual defensive combat by people much smarter and more skilled than me. This article shall focus on how the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case could be a great augmentation for those who are skilled in the “way of the gun.”

    As I have always stressed to students in my classes, a firearm is just a tool…YOU are the weapon. Having said that, it is important that if you carry a deadly weapon, you have the intellectual capacity to know when and how to use it and the ability to mitigate the encounter to a less than lethal outcome if at all possible.

    An accepted “working theory,” with regards to legally carrying a concealed firearm is that any assault can escalate into a potentially life-threatening one if the assailant discovers the legally concealed firearm and attempts to take control of it.

    In other words, if someone carrying a concealed weapon finds themselves about to be overwhelmed in a physical altercation…a reasonable fear could be that if they become incapacitated by the assailant, their weapon may be taken and used against them.

    Escalation of Force Matrix

    If you are going to carry a concealed firearm for self-defense, you should consider carrying other non-lethal tools that can be deployed during lower-level (violent) assaults. As an example, it would be unreasonable to draw a firearm if someone starts a “shoving match,” in a restaurant. In that instance, it would be wise to have a non-lethal defensive tool that could be deployed to dissuade and/or de-escalate a physical confrontation.

    Law Enforcement works under the concept of the “…continuum of force matrix.” This means that depending on the level of force necessary to subdue a suspect, an officer may initially respond by using physical techniques then ratcheting up the response to the deployment of chemical agents (pepper spray) and/or a TASER®. If the altercation continues to escalate or the suspect resorts to a lethal weapon such as a club, edged weapon or firearm…then the officer can at any time “skip” steps in the use-of-force matrix and also deploy deadly force.

    If you legally carry a firearm, you may also want to consider having non-lethal defensive tools available for deployment in apparent non-lethal confrontations. While Batman carried a utility belt loaded with various non-lethal tools, let’s face it…you’re not the caped crusader. For that reason, it may be impractical for you to carry multiple tools that may be found on a duty belt.



    Yellow Jacket…always there

    If you carry a firearm and you are not trained in “weapon retention” techniques to insure you are able to keep your weapon under your control in a violent confrontation, then you may want to consider the effectiveness of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case for weapon retention.

    Using a high-performance stun gun against someone who is trying to unholster your firearm can be a very effective retention technique. It also provides you an optional defensive tool that may be preferable to brandishing a firearm in a non-life-threatening altercation. Finally, many courts will view favorably a defensive action that reflects an appropriate escalation of force advancement from non-lethal to lethal defensive actions… if it comes to that.

    As you can see, the Yellow Jacket is not only an excellent defensive tool for individuals who have no desire to carry a firearm….but, it is an excellent defensive tool for those who do legally carry a firearm. However, it is important to always remember that whether it is a stun gun or a firearm, they are only tools. YOU are the weapon!

    Please Note: Nothing is the article is to be misconstrued as legal advice or an interpretation on how any legal proceeding or court may review your actions resulting from a self-defense situation or physical confrontation regardless of the outcome of such a situation you may find yourself in.

    Stocking Stuffer Letter

    25 December 2017



    If you have received this letter then it can only mean two things. First, you obviously stood out this year as a good person when Santa was reviewing his “naughty or nice,” list…and second, someone obviously loves you a great deal and wanted to help insure your safety in the future!

    Your “Secret Santa,” could have been a Grinch and not let you know that you have the most advanced self-defense device ever designed on the way to you…but instead they wanted you to get this letter letting you know that in just a few days you will receive your new Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case!

    You can visit our website at www.yellowjacketcase.com to learn more about this amazing device that is on the way to you and to see how it works. Your new Yellow Jacket offers all types of amazing features which you will use daily.

    • Integrated into the case is the largest, most advanced power-bank that will act as a backup battery to keep your phone running long after its own internal battery has been exhausted!
    • The phone case itself is rugged enough to protect your phone from bumps and drops on a daily basis.
    • The included phone tether means that you can jog, carry packages or groceries without fear of dropping your phone.
    • The discreet built-in high performance stun gun will empower you to feel safer and more confident when it is with you no matter where you find yourself.

    Make sure you read the owner’s manual when your Yellow Jacket first arrives and you will need to follow any laws that pertain to the possession and use of a stun gun in your area. You will also find an extensive FAQ section on our website to answer any common questions you may have about your new Yellow Jacket.

    Thank you for being a new Yellow Jacket owner and feel free to contact us any time if you need anything at all. You will find that we pride ourselves on superior Customer Service.

    Merry Christmas and have a Wonderful New Year from all of us at Yellow Jacket!

    Santa’s Helpers

    Give the Gift of Protection

    Give the Gift of Protection

    This Christmas when it is time to start looking for the right present for your loved ones, there are different considerations for the type of gift that may appeal to different people. Some people are looking for gifts that will entertain while others are interested in making a fashion statement.

    It’s true that self-protection may not always be first on our mind when it comes to taking care of ourselves…even when it should be. However, when we are thinking about our wives, girlfriends, sons or daughters, we seem to always be thinking about their safety.

    Perhaps this Christmas you can get them a fashionable present that will extend their phone’s entertainment capabilities….while also helping to provide them the needed personal security that is always on your mind as a parent, spouse or boyfriend.

    THE phone Case…

    It seems like everyone that sees the new Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case has a similar reaction. The quality, innovation and advanced engineering evident in the design cause people to liken it to some futuristic product seen in sci-fi movies from the future! Whether it is the state-of-the-art back-up battery integrated into the Yellow Jacket or the stylish colors integrated into the case…the Yellow Jacket will impress everyone that sees it.

    Today’s phones (and the apps they run) require more battery power to run them. It is common to see people about in public with power-banks plugged into their phones or their phones “tethered” to an electric outlet in a restaurant or store. So much for the freedom and mobility the new phones are supposed to bring to us!

    One of the highlights of the Yellow Jacket phone Stun Gun Case is that it offers one of the most advanced integrated battery back-up power-banks available today. It is unparalleled in the amount of available back-up battery power it can provide to today’s power-hungry phones!

    TOUGH….and good looking!

    The Yellow Jacket is manufactured out of advanced high-impact polymers that can help to absorb the shock of dropping your phone on the hardest of surfaces. Once you have attached our tempered-glass screen saver…you have taken every precaution possible to help protect your phone from daily wear and tear.

    When you visit our website you will see the multiple stylish colors the Yellow Jacket is available in…because we understand that being TOUGH is not enough. We have done extensive research to see what the most popular colors are today for phone protective cases. Based on those findings we are proud to offer a myriad of colors to fit your lifestyle.

    Santa’s Stocking SHOCKER…

    This Christmas morning let Santa set the standard high when it comes to providing a one-of-a-kind…gift from the future that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, provide unparalleled back-up battery support and provide the peace of mind that only a premium grade self-defense tool is capable of.

    The world’s most advanced Stun Gun is the Yellow Jacket. The confidence and security it will provide both your loved one as well as you is nothing short of shocking. Visit www.yellowjacketcase.com to learn more about our amazing product. Remember, you will have to place your order soon if you want to make sure Santa can get it in your stocking before Christmas morning!

    We now have Yellow Jacket stun gun cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 7/7s, and iPhone 8, and are developing cases for the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X. Make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date. 

    Black Friday: Prepare for Battle!

    Black Friday: Prepare for Battle!

    According to the FBI, as reported in the Uniform Crime Report, during the traditional Holiday Season in the United States… crime will escalate. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s...robberies, home-invasions, burglaries, assaults and other violent crimes will increase. This is a historical fact that should not be ignored.

    What is the cause of such a trend during a season that should be joyous? Law-Enforcement identifies numerous reasons for the increase in these criminal actions;

    • Shoppers carry additional money on them during the prime shopping season resulting in more

    strong-arm robberies and crimes of opportunity.

    • Homes have the additional lure of packages and presents…many times stored in plain sight resulting in an up-tick in home-invasions and burglaries.
    • With celebrations and parties in full-swing, more people are involved in social events that result in them “…letting their guard down,” while traveling in areas they may not be familiar with.
    • For many, the Holidays can be a stressful and depressing time thus resulting in greater strife and aggressive interactions between people.

    One needs only to watch the news or monitor the various social media sites to witness people fighting in retail stores over sales and limited-quantity discounted products or irrationally attacking each other over a parking space at the mall to know that not everyone carries the Christmas spirit!

    Carry the Yellow Jacket Cause’ Not Everyone Carries Good Will!

    If you are going to carry a case for your iphone…why not carry a strong stun gun for your phone as well?   An iPhone case can now be more than just a charging phone case!  Now with the Yellow Jacket it is possible to actually have a self-defense phone case that will always be with you.

    The three most important characteristics of a self-defense tool is that it be reliable, intuitive and…always close at hand. It doesn’t matter how effective it may be, if it is not with you when you need it. It also must be a tool that you can count on to work every time you need it…while being simple to operate under stress. Those characteristics are the essence of the Yellow Jacket Phone Stun Gun Case.

    Beware the Christmas Grinch…and dark parking lots

    As we go about this Holiday Season it is important that we keep in mind that our greatest defensive tool is our brain. Don’t go out disarmed by leaving your wits at home. Remain alert and aware of your surroundings. Don’t “flash” large amounts of cash when out in public. Shop or travel in groups and avoid areas you are not familiar with.

    Above all else keep your Phone close at hand to call for help if you spot trouble. To ensure your phone stays charged and you remain safe…make sure it is attached to the Yellow Jacket Phone Stun Gun Case.

    Have a safe upcoming Holiday Season…and don’t forget to check out our Special Yellow Jacket Savings this Black Friday! Our latest iPhone 7 and 8 Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Cases are now available for pre-order!

    Remember, the future of Self-Defense…is in your hands!