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    Give the Gift of Protection

    Give the Gift of Protection

    This Christmas when it is time to start looking for the right present for your loved ones, there are different considerations for the type of gift that may appeal to different people. Some people are looking for gifts that will entertain while others are interested in making a fashion statement.

    It’s true that self-protection may not always be first on our mind when it comes to taking care of ourselves…even when it should be. However, when we are thinking about our wives, girlfriends, sons or daughters, we seem to always be thinking about their safety.

    Perhaps this Christmas you can get them a fashionable present that will extend their phone’s entertainment capabilities….while also helping to provide them the needed personal security that is always on your mind as a parent, spouse or boyfriend.

    THE phone Case…

    It seems like everyone that sees the new Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Case has a similar reaction. The quality, innovation and advanced engineering evident in the design cause people to liken it to some futuristic product seen in sci-fi movies from the future! Whether it is the state-of-the-art back-up battery integrated into the Yellow Jacket or the stylish colors integrated into the case…the Yellow Jacket will impress everyone that sees it.

    Today’s phones (and the apps they run) require more battery power to run them. It is common to see people about in public with power-banks plugged into their phones or their phones “tethered” to an electric outlet in a restaurant or store. So much for the freedom and mobility the new phones are supposed to bring to us!

    One of the highlights of the Yellow Jacket phone Stun Gun Case is that it offers one of the most advanced integrated battery back-up power-banks available today. It is unparalleled in the amount of available back-up battery power it can provide to today’s power-hungry phones!

    TOUGH….and good looking!

    The Yellow Jacket is manufactured out of advanced high-impact polymers that can help to absorb the shock of dropping your phone on the hardest of surfaces. Once you have attached our tempered-glass screen saver…you have taken every precaution possible to help protect your phone from daily wear and tear.

    When you visit our website you will see the multiple stylish colors the Yellow Jacket is available in…because we understand that being TOUGH is not enough. We have done extensive research to see what the most popular colors are today for phone protective cases. Based on those findings we are proud to offer a myriad of colors to fit your lifestyle.

    Santa’s Stocking SHOCKER…

    This Christmas morning let Santa set the standard high when it comes to providing a one-of-a-kind…gift from the future that will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle, provide unparalleled back-up battery support and provide the peace of mind that only a premium grade self-defense tool is capable of.

    The world’s most advanced Stun Gun is the Yellow Jacket. The confidence and security it will provide both your loved one as well as you is nothing short of shocking. Visit www.yellowjacketcase.com to learn more about our amazing product. Remember, you will have to place your order soon if you want to make sure Santa can get it in your stocking before Christmas morning!

    We now have Yellow Jacket stun gun cases for iPhone 6, iPhone 7/7s, and iPhone 8, and are developing cases for the Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X. Make sure you follow us on social media to stay up to date. 

    Black Friday: Prepare for Battle!

    Black Friday: Prepare for Battle!

    According to the FBI, as reported in the Uniform Crime Report, during the traditional Holiday Season in the United States… crime will escalate. From Thanksgiving through New Year’s...robberies, home-invasions, burglaries, assaults and other violent crimes will increase. This is a historical fact that should not be ignored.

    What is the cause of such a trend during a season that should be joyous? Law-Enforcement identifies numerous reasons for the increase in these criminal actions;

    • Shoppers carry additional money on them during the prime shopping season resulting in more

    strong-arm robberies and crimes of opportunity.

    • Homes have the additional lure of packages and presents…many times stored in plain sight resulting in an up-tick in home-invasions and burglaries.
    • With celebrations and parties in full-swing, more people are involved in social events that result in them “…letting their guard down,” while traveling in areas they may not be familiar with.
    • For many, the Holidays can be a stressful and depressing time thus resulting in greater strife and aggressive interactions between people.

    One needs only to watch the news or monitor the various social media sites to witness people fighting in retail stores over sales and limited-quantity discounted products or irrationally attacking each other over a parking space at the mall to know that not everyone carries the Christmas spirit!

    Carry the Yellow Jacket Cause’ Not Everyone Carries Good Will!

    If you are going to carry a case for your iphone…why not carry a strong stun gun for your phone as well?   An iPhone case can now be more than just a charging phone case!  Now with the Yellow Jacket it is possible to actually have a self-defense phone case that will always be with you.

    The three most important characteristics of a self-defense tool is that it be reliable, intuitive and…always close at hand. It doesn’t matter how effective it may be, if it is not with you when you need it. It also must be a tool that you can count on to work every time you need it…while being simple to operate under stress. Those characteristics are the essence of the Yellow Jacket Phone Stun Gun Case.

    Beware the Christmas Grinch…and dark parking lots

    As we go about this Holiday Season it is important that we keep in mind that our greatest defensive tool is our brain. Don’t go out disarmed by leaving your wits at home. Remain alert and aware of your surroundings. Don’t “flash” large amounts of cash when out in public. Shop or travel in groups and avoid areas you are not familiar with.

    Above all else keep your Phone close at hand to call for help if you spot trouble. To ensure your phone stays charged and you remain safe…make sure it is attached to the Yellow Jacket Phone Stun Gun Case.

    Have a safe upcoming Holiday Season…and don’t forget to check out our Special Yellow Jacket Savings this Black Friday! Our latest iPhone 7 and 8 Yellow Jacket Stun Gun Phone Cases are now available for pre-order!

    Remember, the future of Self-Defense…is in your hands!


    The New One Billion Volt Stun Gun!! (NOT!)

    There is an old adage that goes, “fool me once…shame on you, fool me twice…shame on me!” Unfortunately, it appears that may be the working context for marketing stun guns today. Stun Gun Distributors and Manufacturers make all types of outlandish claims about voltage and how effective their product is…with little or no real data to back up their claims.

     Stun guns are for the most part and unregulated industry when it comes to the standards their products are manufactured under. Over 93% of all stun guns are made in China with the majority of the remainder made in other Asian countries. The reason stun guns are made overseas is simple economics. Do to the fact that much of the production is labor intensive; the cost of such devices made outside of the Asian Rim would be much greater.

     However, since the vast majority of stun gun devices are manufactured in Asia, many of the internal components used in their production are of suspect quality. It is also interesting to note that while China manufactures more stun guns than any other country in the world….they are illegal for civilian possession or use. This means that many of the people who work on stun gun products have little or no practical understanding of how they will be used or what their realistic capabilities should be.

     Billion Volt Claims…

    So how do you choose a stun gun with all of these outlandish voltage claims? Just how much voltage do you need in a stun gun for it to adequately protect you? One Million volts? Ten Million Volts? How long before we see a marketer advertising a stun gun with One Billion Volts?! In fact, another question might well be, “…does voltage even matter?”

     If you have ever rubbed your shoes against a synthetic rug and proceeded to touch a door knob that resulted in a static electricity shock….then you could safely say that you have been shocked with about 20,000 to 30,000 volts of electricity! This should effectively prove that voltage is not the most important factor when choosing a stun gun.

     Even amperage is only one additional factor that contributes to the effectiveness of a stun gun. Remember, in the case of stun gun devices we are talking about thousandths of an amp, which is measured as milliamps. The average stun gun generates no more than 1.8 – 2.7 milliamps, while our Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun generates approximately 3.8 - 4.2 milliamps with a full charge on board it’s built in power bank.


    Just the Facts:

    When you are comparing stun guns, there are a few things you should focus on specifically.

    • Quality – Is the device manufactured to high-standards using only premium components? Is the device independently tested by a respected quality control engineering group? Does the company stand behind its product?
    • Innovation – Does the device reflect state-of-the-art technology or does it remind you of the old fashion stun guns that have been around for years? What set’s this device apart from any others you may have seen before?
    • Performance – The stun gun needs to be powerful enough to effectively defend you from an assailant. Does it appear to be a toy or a tool? Performance means that it must also be compact, concealable and readily deployable.   It doesn’t matter if it is effective if you will never have it at hand when you need it!

    In the coming months, our Yellow Jacket Technical Team will continue to provide educational and informative articles to help you, the consumer, make better decisions when it comes to choosing the best defensive tools for your lifestyle.

    As we continue to release new Yellow Jacket models for various brand phones we will obviously let you know. Feel free to email us any questions you may have about the Yellow Jacket Smart Phone Stun Gun or stun guns and other defensive devices in general. In fact, you may want to keep a close eye on us to see what other unique and innovative defensive tools our secret “Tech Lab,” is up to!

    Remember…the future of self-defense is in your hands!

    TASER® vs. Stun Gun

    Many times you will hear the term TASER used when referring to a Stun Gun and vice versa. To this day we have people refer to our Yellow Jacket Smart Phone Stun Gun as a “TASER.” We are also frequently asked what the difference is between a Stun Gun and a TASER…and which device is more effective as a self-defense tool?

    The simple answer is that other than the fact both devices are high-voltage electrical devices, they share very little in common. While they both fall under the heading of Electronic Control Weapons (ECW’s) or Conducted Energy Weapons (CEW’s) they are quite different in their design. In this article we shall attempt to explain the main technical differences between a TASER and a Stun Gun and then highlight the tactical advantages and disadvantages of each device.


    A TASER relies on Electro-Muscular Disruption Technology to incapacitate an individual. The device fires two barbed darts (probes) at the target. Compressed nitrogen is used as the propellant to “launch” the darts up to 15’ for a civilian version TASER. Once the darts have impacted and become lodged in the flesh of the targeted individual, an electrical charge will travel along two thin wires or tethers to the probes from the device. The darts will most likely cause puncture wounds and in some cases minor burns. A puncture wound to the eye could cause blindness.

    The electricity upon discharging through the embedded darts will “stun” and temporarily incapacitate the individual by causing involuntary muscle contractions. When CED’s cause involuntary muscle contractions (known as electro-muscular disruption), the contractions force people to fall while simultaneously causing their limbs, back, torso and neck to “stiffen up” tightly.  

    It is generally acknowledged by the U.S. Department of Justice that a TASER is a “less-lethal” weapon or device as fatal and other serious outcomes have occurred during the deployment of the device. These terminal outcomes have in some cases been attributed to the physical or medical condition of the subject who received an ECW application as well as other causation factors. While these factors are not clear, they may include:

    • Repeated and multiple ECW applications
    • Cycling time that exceeds 15 seconds in duration (whether the time is consecutive or cumulative)
    • Simultaneous applications by more than one source of the ECW application
    • Severe head-injuries or trauma due to the subject falling with no neuro-muscular control


    However, it is important to note that a report released by the National Institute of Justice (2008) stated, “There is no conclusive medial evidence within the state of current research that indicates a high-risk of serious injury or death from the direct effects of [ECW] exposure. Field experience with [ECW] use indicates that exposure is safe in the vast majority of cases.”

    Stun Gun

    A Stun Gun is a Direct Contact Device (DCD) which means that it must come into direct contact with the subject to deliver its electrical discharge. A stun guns ability to incapacitate or deter an assailant is not based on the concept of electro-muscular disruption but rather upon delivering a point-of-contact pain/compliance discharge. This difference is also why a Stun Gun is classified as a non-lethal means of self-defense as opposed to a less-lethal device.

    It is the “delivered charge,” that will cause the subject to recoil or attempt to escape the painful direct contact point that can slow or stop an assailant instantly, thus providing the Stun Gun user precious time to escape an attack.   The effectiveness of a Stun Gun is directly related to the amount of pain it can cause when applied to a subject. When it comes to the level of defensive effectiveness a Stun Gun is capable of, voltage in only one part of the equation.

    Other physical laws that will dictate the “power” or effectiveness of a Stun Gun and how much electro-stimulation can be delivered on target is the cumulative effect of voltage, charge and current applied against a subject over a given time frame. Taking into account the natural electrical resistance of the human body, a minimum level of deliverable electro-stimulation needs to be integrated into a Stun Guns design for it to be effective as a self-defense tool. This delivered charge is referred to as microcoulombs.

    The Yellow Jacket Smart Phone Stun Gun Case is a premium version of a high quality, CEW defensive device. It offers a high-voltage, effective microcoulomb level of delivered charge that will cause excruciating pain when applied against an assailant.

    Pros & Cons…

    Both TASERS and Stun Guns have advantages and disadvantages over each other. As we refer to these “differences,” we will confine our comparison to the TASER and the Yellow Jacket Smart Phone Stun Gun Case as the Yellow Jacket as several distinct characteristics that separates it from all other Stun Guns on the market today.

    TASER – Advantages

    • The TASER can be deployed at distances up to 15 feet from the subject
    • With accurate dart deployment of both probes on the target, solid electro-muscular disruption can be achieved resulting in short-term incapacitation of the subject
    • Most TASERS use inexpensive 9 volt batteries


    TASER- Disadvantages

    • Civilian version is a “single-shot,” design
    • Requires accurate targeting of the assailant who may be moving
    • Civilian versions generally do not have contact stun capabilities if target “missed” when fired
    • Initial cost of unit very expensive. Replacement single-shot power-heads also expensive
    • Difficult to deploy civilian version in tight spaces or crowds
    • NOT a non-lethal device but only a less-lethal device

    Yellow Jacket- Advantages

    • Does not require superior marksmanship to effectively deploy
    • Can be discharged multiple times in quick succession if needed
    • Able to demonstrate a “warning-shot,” to a potential assailant if needed
    • Initial cost of unit relatively inexpensive. No additional costs incurred
    • Does not rely on electro-muscular disruption so classified as non-lethal CEW
    • Can be deployed in crowded or closed space environments
    • Discreetly integrated into the users mobile phone case so not recognized as a defensive device
    • Easily deployable as usually carried in hand or close-at-hand due to integration into mobile phone case
    • Legal to be carried in many areas TASERS are not permitted
    • Little to no training required to be effectively deployed
    • Integrated advanced generation Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

    Yellow Jacket- Disadvantages

    • Direct Contact Device
    • Not yet available for all mobile Smartphone brands
    • Not legal for possession in limited locales

    The Bottom Line…

    Interestingly, many Law Enforcement Agencies arm their Officers with TASERS. It is an excellent tool when used by properly trained professionals that may have to take an aggressive suspect into custody. However, there is a distinct protocol that these Officers must follow when deploying a TASER against a suspect as well as immediately after a TASER deployment has taken place. Under the right circumstances and environmental conditions the TASER is an excellent CEW.

    However, for the average civilian the specific design and performance characteristics associated with a TASER may make a Stun Gun a more effective and formidable self-defense tool. When you then consider the proprietary advantages of the Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Case over a standard Stun Gun, it becomes apparent that having a premium grade CEW discreetly integrated into your Smartphone case makes the Yellow Jacket the smart choice. Remember…the future of self-defense is in your hands!

    Hurricane Irma…Stirs Up a Nest!


    Our Yellow Jacket parent company, Stinger Solutions, is based out of Louisiana with offices and warehousing located in Florida.  Needless to say, while we will never have to contend with snow storms…tropical storms and hurricanes are another story entirely.

    You no doubt are aware that just a couple of weeks ago Florida was hammered by a very large category 4/5 storm named Irma.  After crossing over the Florida Keys, the storm made landfall on the southwestern gulf coast around Naples Florida and then moved up the western side of Florida wreaking havoc along the way.

    Our warehouses for storing and shipping inventory are located in Clearwater Florida with other management personnel located in the Tampa Bay area.  When the storm finally reached the Tampa bay region, power was lost Sunday evening and in some cases…was not restored until seven (7) days later!

    The Newest Survival Tool on the Market!

    With no electricity for almost a week, it is quite startling to see how quickly society begins to struggle.  With family members and close friends in Law Enforcement, it wasn’t long before we were hearing stories of isolated looting, car-jackings and frayed tempers at the gas and water lines.

    As I write this article I can personally attest to the fact that the Yellow Jacket Backup Battery integrated into our product made a profound difference in the functionality of my mobile phone.  It is one thing to not have your mobile phone powered up to check which movies are playing at your local cinema…or perhaps to listen to music off your play list. 

    However, it is another thing entirely to not have your phone functional to check a radar app for updates on wind and rain bands headed towards you… or to be able to communicate with friends and neighbors to see if they are safe.  In the immediate aftermath of the storm passing, to simply find fuel for your vehicles (or a generator) can be quite a challenge.  Apps such as Gas Buddy actually will list which gas stations have fuel and power.

    None of these very helpful apps matter though…if your mobile phone is without a charge.

    Yellow Jacket to the Rescue!

    Having a fully charged backup power bank attached to your mobile phone when you have no way to charge your cell phone is a tremendous advantage.  The extended talk and text time was a game changer for my family.  As you can imagine, during a storm of the magnitude of Irma, family and friends from around the country are continually checking on your safety and well-being.  These good intentions can drain your cell phone battery very quickly.

    Most insurance companies will now recommend that before the storm you should film or photograph the exterior and interior of your home as well as valuable possessions and even more mundane ones such as your wardrobe.  This is to help support your insurance claims after the storm is over.  This necessary effort can also tax your phone battery and if you don’t “top-off,” your battery before you lose power…you can again find your mobile phone battery drained.

    Wild life, stray dogs and even predators of the two-legged kind can be driven to your home after the storm has passed searching for food and shelter.  While most people who have dealt with a major storm of this kind will stress the need for preparing for both the impact of the storm and its aftermath…many forget to mention that for days or even weeks after…you may find yourself interacting with individuals who may be desperate and even dangerous.

    The Bottom Line…

    As a member of the Yellow Jacket team, I have always believed in our product.  It is a tremendous self-defense tool as well as a great enhancement for keeping your mobile phone “powered-up.”  However, it wasn’t until Hurricane Irma interrupted the electricity to my home for a week that I really understood just how effective such a device can be.

    Whether it was simply ensuring we were able to stay connected with family and friends for days on end or if it was the peace of mind that comes from carrying a 7,000,000 volt stun gun with you at all times while out searching for water or other necessities, my Yellow Jacket was never out of my reach.

    Quite honestly, I could have sold 100 of the new advanced Yellow Jacket Smartphone Stun Gun Cases if I had them with me after Irma passed over us.  If you are someone who is looking for a multi-faceted survival tool that can support your smart-phone for days on end, provide a legitimate self-defense tool that can help keep you safe…and do all of that while remaining discreetly disguised until you need it…then the Yellow Jacket is made for you.

    (P.S. – Did I mention it can be used as an emergency fire starter when you need it?  Video soon to follow!)